The National Youth Council, through consultation with other girls and youth, provide input and insight on issues impacting girls, to the Board of Directors and function as a part of the GGC leadership. The National Youth consists of 9-12 Rangers from across Canada. Each spring, the Youth Council recruits for new members to join the Council. For more information or to connect with the Youth Council – please write to :

Meet the National Youth Council

  1. Who is someone that is a role model to you?
  2. Share a fun fact about you or a joke

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Carena Binder


From: Ontario

  1. My role model is my elementary school principal because of her passion and interpersonal skills. She could easily be approached and was always on top of her work. In everything she did you could see her passion and love for her career. When I am older I want to pick a career I am passionate about to help create an impactful and positive environment for the people around me.
  2. I love skiing and snowboarding. One day I hope to go to Switzerland and ski/snowboard on the alps.

Emily Vandermeer


From: Alberta

  1. My role model is Emily Murphy who fought for women's rights in the 1920s. I consider her a role model because she carved her own path and did what she believed in. Emily Murphy helped give women the rights they deserved such as the right to vote and the right to be elected to Parliament.
  2. What did the ocean say to the beach? Nothing he just waved.

Emily Lints


From: Manitoba

  1. I would consider J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, to be my role model. Not only is she an outspoken feminist and charitable donor, but she stuck to her passion of writing fiercely and never gave up. Harry Potter was rejected by 12 different publishers, yet she persisted and became one of the most influential women of her generation. I believe all girls and women can look up to J.K. Rowling and her impact on society.
  2. I have danced competitively for 12 years and yet still revert back to the classic sprinkler move when asked to improv. You can't beat the basics.

Carolyn Huang


From: Alberta

  1. My biggest role model would be my mom. She is the strongest person I know, and has helped push me to become a better person.
  2. A couple of fun facts about me – I am a reading addict that loves classical novels and have attended six different schools so far. (Old Scona Academic will be my seventh) A Girl Guide related fun fact is that I completed all the badges in Pathfinders.

Lauren Hill


From: Saskatchewan

  1. My role model in my life is my mom. She has taught and shown me the value of hard work, and has, for my whole life, been my biggest support in my various pursuits. Like all individuals, my mom has encountered obstacles, but rather than admitting defeat, she takes them in stride, and pushes forward with optimism, something she impresses upon me when I face difficulties. Alongside those traits, my mom is also loving, selfless and kind, and continues, to this day, to serve as my greatest inspiration.
  2. By the time I was five, I had visited all 10 Canadian provinces, all of which I have had a chance to visit again this past summer.

Nerissa Kassis


From: British Columbia

Profile: Six years as a girl member and three years as a volunteer at Sparks, Brownies and Guides units means Nerissa has a super strong knowledge of the Guiding program. She has a passion for procedures and guidelines that ensure Guiding is a safe space for girls from diverse communities, especially LGBTQ+. Nerissa does competitive improv and has double jointed toes.

Andrea Chakma

Andrea Chakma

From: Ontario

Profile: As a Lone Ranger, and with experience in local units as a girl member and unit volunteer, on the Ontario Girl Forum and shadowing the Marketing & Communications team at Girl Guides Ontario, Andrea brings a unique perspective to the National Youth Council. She has a strong interest in mental health, bullying and poverty. Andrea loves to travel and maintains her own travel journal. She also attended a summer program dedicated to STEM.

Shelan Emre


From: Manitoba

Profile: Bringing nine years of Guiding involvement, including as a unit volunteer, and experience as the co-chair of her school's Youth in Philanthropy program, Shelan is ready to help bring girls' voices to the table through the National Youth Council. She wants to help end bullying and peer pressure. Shelan is very crafty and a volunteer clown.

Sophie McCafferty


From: Quebec

Profile: Joining Guiding at age five, Sophie has participated in the Quebec Young Women's Forum and was the Youth Co-Lead for a Twinning 2020 exchange between Quebec, British Columbia and Peru. She believes GGC can be part of the solution to issues of technological dependence, loss of national identity and a fragile environment. Sophie is a self-professed vegan, hippie ecofreak. She was born on January 1st, 2000 (what are the odds?).

Hari Ilangomaran


From: Ontario

Profile: A proud member of GGC, Hari is a member of the Ontario Girl Forum and is excited to be going to Ayrwaves 2017 in Scotland. She's passionate about transforming the way media is used to create more positive messages for girls. Hari is head over heels in love with mangoes and pineapples and has three sisters, also in Guiding, who she secretly appreciates.

Nayah Mang


From: British Columbia

Profile: Having travelled around the world with Guiding, including as the GGC representative at Camp Olave International, Nayah has met many Girl Guides from across Canada and the world. She's concerned with issues of mental health, eating disorders and kids growing up too quickly. Nayah has visited nearly 20 countries and played soccer for 11 years.

Kianna Benson


From: Nova Scotia

Profile: From Sparks to Rangers and volunteering at her local unit, Kianna has done it all and prides herself in being an approachable sister-figure. She's excited to help shape the direction of GGC and believes tackling peer pressure and seeing more women in STEM are important. Kianna's caught a live lobster in the ocean with her bare hands and is a middle distance runner.

Madeleine Deschenes


Chair of the National Youth Council

Profile: Starting Guiding as a Spark, Madeleine is now a Spark Guider and a Director of the GGC Board as Chair of the National Youth Council. She's very passionate about girl empowerment and ensuring that all girls are confident enough to pursue their dreams. Madeleine loves pasta and has always dreamed of being a mermaid and living in the ocean.