Girls United

Girls today need to know how to get along with others, how to build strong connections with each other, how to be a support for each other and how to build strong, rewarding friendships with other girls.

Girls United consists of training for Guiders and challenges for girls.

To help you get start with helping girls develop healthy relationships, here are some facts and tips.

The Girls United Challenge includes activities that Girl Guide units can use to promote healthy relationships and prevent bullying. These activities highlight the negative impact of social aggression and bullying, and create a sense of caring, belonging, and mutual responsibility between all girls. Girls are eligible to receive a challenge crest when they participate in these activities.

An enrichment training is available for our Guiders that will give them a deeper understanding of how to recognize social aggression and take action to provide girls with safe places. Adults who are untrained rarely aid children who are bullied. This training gives adults tools to take action through:

  1. An introduction to the dynamics of girls’ relationships.
  2. Age-appropriate strategies for promoting healthy relationships.

Girls United is a Girl Guides of Canada initiative that promotes healthy relationships and prevents bullying. It was developed in 2007 with the support of PREVNet.

PREVNet is an active network of Canadian researchers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments working together to promote safe and healthy relationships for all Canadian children and youth. PREVNet is sponsored by the Networks of Centres of Excellence, Queen’s University, and York University.

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