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International Safer Internet Day - February 9, 2016

Safer Internet Day promotes the safe and responsible use of online technology including cell phones, particularly by children and youth. The objectives of Safer Internet Day are to protect children and youth from illegal, unhealthy and harmful content online while promoting safe and responsible use of the Internet.

See the core program connections below that you could do with your unit to recognize Safer Internet Day and build digital citizenship and awareness skills in girls.

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GYSD-All Branches
  • In My Community Keeper


GYSD-All Branches GYSD-All Branches GYSD-All Branches
  • Key to STEM #1
  • Communication is Where It’s @ Interest Badge
  • Information Technology is “IT”


Key to Active Living Go For It! interest badge Key to Active Living
  • You and Others Program Area – Build Skills in Communication Module #6
  • You and Others Program Area – Learn About Safety Module #4
  • Computer Skills Interest Badge



  • On My Own Program Area – Safe at Home or Out and About Module #2, 4
  • Exploring a Theme Program Area – Computer Whiz Module
  • Exploring a Theme Program Area – Web Surfin’



  • Community Connections #29
  • Explore Your Creativity Program Area #22
  • Leadership and Management Program Area #8
  • Your Future Program Area #27