NS Girl Membership

*Registration is ongoing- for details please contact 1-800-565-8111
     or email our NS membership at  ns-membership@girlguides.ca

2019- 2020 Guiding Year
- registration is still available for the remaining of the year, please contact us at 1-800-565-8111.

2020 - 2021 Guiding Year

Registration occurs in 3 tiers:

Phase 1 : April 16th - Girls returning to the same unit
Phase 2 - May 7th - Any girl returning to her unit or switching units or branches
Phase 3- June 4th- Open to All girls, new and returning

* Registration phases launch at 11 AM Atlantic Time!



Online Registration
Majority of the registration now takes place online. You can complete registration with PayPal or secure credit card payment. You receive confirmation within moments and receive your official tax receipt by email.
Click here for National Online Registration & Unit Finder National Online Registration & Unit Finder
Paper Registration:
For those receiving funding from an outside source, those applying for FULL Guiding Assistance, or those who pay with installments you are not able to register online.If payment is not accompanying registration, please indicate on registration form how payment will be made.

Please print and complete the following form and mail (if applicable, $100 registration fee)  to:

A5P (Girl Application form

Girl Guides of Canada
3581 Dutch Village Rd
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3N 2S9

Please Note
The Unit Guider will contact you with the start date as soon as it is available, or you can
check the registration site. Every attempt will be made to enter paper registrations ASAP but there could be delays in your daughter being place in her preferred unit.

Financial Assistance
It is recognized that occasionally members may require financial support. Many community organizations, such as Jumpstart often fund Girl Guide registrations see Jumpstart for details/applications. For more information on the Guiding Assistance program, download the following form: Girl & Adult Assistance Forms

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