User Space FAQ

Please read the following answers to our frequently-asked questions about unit and event meeting space. If you have further questions regarding regular unit meeting space permits or arrangements, please contact the Membership Administrative Assistant toll-free at 1-877-323-4545 ext. 2472.

If your question is about a contract requirement for an event, camp, sleepover or other activity, please email

Have you been asked to sign a document on behalf of your unit or event?

  • Remember, any document requiring a signature must be forwarded to the Provincial office for authorized signature on behalf of Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council. Members are prohibited from signing contracts and leases, as per Safe Guide.
  • Contracts will only be accepted when submitted via the online Contract Submission form.
  • If you have any questions, please contact

How do I confirm my meeting space for September?

Does your unit meet in a school?

Between January 31st and September 1st, depending on the deadline set by each school board, the Membership Administrative Assistant submits permit renewals, on behalf of Contact Guiders, for the upcoming Guiding year. A copy of the approved permit will be forwarded to the Contact Guider as soon as it is received from each school board. Please be patient in waiting for your permit, as in some cases confirmation is not received until September or October. Do confirm your intention to return with your Unit Administrator, so you can receive your permit without delay.

The Membership Administrative Assistant is responsible for getting all permit applications signed, processing payment and submitting these to the school board.

Units MUST have a copy of the approved permit with them each time they are in the school.

Does your unit meet in a facility other than a school? 

If you have not already done so, please designate someone from your unit to contact your meeting place to discuss your plans and provide them with a contact name and phone number. This will ensure that local units are the ones communicating with their meeting place and keeping relationships strong. Please note, our broker automatically reissues a Certificate of Insurance for locations we use for regular girl meetings (you do not need to request a new copy each year).

If you meet in a community centre, generally you will contact your meeting place to discuss your return and ask them to send any paperwork to the Membership Administrative Assistant for processing. Make sure to provide your contact details, so the community centre can reach you directly.

Note: Units meeting in community centres in the cities of Ottawa and Toronto are exempted, as those permits are renewed in the same way as school permits (see above).

Do you need a Certificate of Insurance?

Insurance Certificates cover all units and activities at that location through July of the following year. In the case of school boards/municipalities, they also cover all facilities/activities and will be held at the Board/municipal office rather than at individual schools/community centres.

Girl Guides of Canada has its own insurance coverage; facilities do not need to include us under their policy. Please complete the INS.02 Request for Certificate of Insurance form, which includes instructions on where to submit it. Please note, this request can take up to seven working days to process.

Insurance certificates are automatically mailed by the broker each summer to existing locations, to ensure they are in place by unit start-up in the fall (your unit does not need to submit a new application each year). If your facility has not received a copy of the insurance certificate by the beginning of September, please ask the Membership Administrative Assistant for a copy.

Information you need to know if your unit uses a school permit

Please review the permit carefully, to ensure the information is correct as issued. Note exclusion dates, including school breaks and statutory holidays when use is not allowed. Contact the Membership Administrative Assistant immediately to investigate missing bookings.

Guiders should ensure the school has their contact information in case they need to be contacted directly. Units are responsible for ensuring that the conditions to use the facilities are upheld at all times.

Each school board's Inclement Weather process is different; check the instructions distributed with the permit or listed on the school board website and listen to the local radio station.

Cancellation dates are only sent to the Contact Guider of a unit; it is that person’s responsibility to check email regularly and make alternate arrangements for nights that have been cancelled.

It is vital that you check the permit on a regular basis. If a date is not shown on the calendar, the custodian has been directed not to allow groups entry into the school so they would not become responsible/liable should an accident/incident occur. Do not put the caretaker in an awkward position by asking them to adjust their hours to accommodate you (or the room you use) instead of what is listed on the permit. Custodial hours and Community Use of Schools costs are based on the time/space input in the system.

Remember that all permits are only to be used for their intended purposes.

Do you need to cancel a date on your school permit?

If your unit meets in a school, each school board has different cancellation procedures. Many boards charge no-show and late cancellation fees. Units are directly responsible for these fees. Please refer to the information in the email you received with your permit for the procedures specific to your school board. Dates that are not being used by a unit, should be forwarded to the office so they can be cancelled at the school board for a credit. Please forward these to Heather Novak at If your unit meeting space at a school is cancelled, you may wish to take advantage of alternative meeting options.

No-Cost Meeting Options:

  • Bridge with another unit that meets on the same evening as your unit
  • Bridge with another unit on a different night that week
  • Weather permitting, plan an outdoor activity for a meeting night
  • Use the meeting time to conduct door-to-door cookie selling
  • Book a group cookie sale at a local grocery store or other business
  • Plan a visit to the library, fire hall or police station
  • Book a special event/activity
  • Cancel your meeting
Can Guiders hold meetings in their homes?
Yes, Guiders are allowed to hold unit meetings in their homes. However, you should be aware that while Girl Guides of Canada's insurance policy provides some coverage, individuals are still subject to liability as owners of the house. (Girl Guides of Canada does not provide coverage for damage to homes). Therefore, it is recommended that Guiders check with their personal insurance broker to ensure they have sufficient coverage in place under their Homeowner’s policy, before opening their home to a unit meeting.

If a unit incurs a fee due to cancellation of their regular meeting space with less than 2 weeks notice, Ontario Council may provide limited financial assistance for the cost of temporary space upon request (special events excluded). Please contact the Membership Administrative Assistant
for further details.

Remember that cancellation dates are only sent to the Contact Guider of a unit; it is that person’s responsibility to check email regularly and make alternate arrangements for nights that have been cancelled.

Do you want a permit to use a school?

Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council is responsible for submitting all permit applications to school boards. Therefore please forward all permit requests to the Membership Administrative Assistant. Do not contact a school or school board directly for this purpose.

How does the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA) affect my meetings?

It is the policy of Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council to provide notice of service disruptions when any facility that a person with a disability usually uses is temporarily unavailable or is expected to be temporarily unavailable in the near future.

If you need to post the details of a service disruption use the Notice of Service Disruption form and include the following information:

  • Type of disruption
  • Reason for disruption
  • Anticipated duration of disruption
  • Description of alternate facilities, if any
  • Contact information

Do you want to book a City of Toronto park?

Please be aware that because the City of Toronto Parks and Recreation department requests that signed permits be returned within an hour of booking we ask Guiders to contact first to ensure she will be available to process the permit within their requested timeline. Once you have confirmed her availability you then call and book your permit, paying the permit balance with your unit purchase card. The City then emails a copy to the office which is signed and returned. As the Responsible Guider you will be copied on the email so you have proof of your booking and payment.

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