CONNECT 2019 - Breakout Session Descriptions

Marcia Powers-Dunlop - Leading Mentally Healthy Units
We all play a role in promoting positive mental health and supporting each other. This session will help identify that role. Practical tips for identifying and dealing with behavioural and mental health concerns will be discussed. Self- care is critical for those who take care of each other and for our own well-being.

Gwendolyn Dekker - Five Pillars of the Girl-driven Approach
How can Guiders deliver a truly girl-driven program? This session will support Guiders in the effective delivery of the girl-driven approach, focusing on girl leadership and decision-making. We will learn some strategies for encouraging a growth mindset, creating a safe space and developing shared leadership with the girls in your unit. What does that look like in your unit? How can we cultivate an atmosphere where girls feel empowered to explore and discover?

Note: participants will have the option of attending the Spark, Brownie or Guide/Pathfinder/Ranger focused sessions.

Patti Carson and Michelle Causier - Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion in Guiding
This session is all about developing critical consciousness. Here, you’ll think about who you are in the world, how your identity impacts your decisions and interactions, and how you can challenge yourself and the girls you mentor to work towards creating spaces where every girl and leader can say “I Belong.” 

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Define diversity and inclusion.
  • List strategies that contribute to growing a unit culture that is diverse and inclusive.
  • Enhance and further develop a framework for understanding how our own bias and assumptions impact and influence us in our role as Guiders and begin to understand the impact of biases and assumptions have on our interactions with girls and other leaders. 
  • Identify ways in which you can enhance safe space and support diversity and inclusion within your unit.
  • Practice applying and analyzing unit activities using diversity and inclusion framework.

Dr. Jen Forristal – The Umbrella Project
Well-being is a skill. In fact, it is a collection of skills that we can teach to children and adults alike. In the current climate of rising stress and anxiety, proactive strategies are needed to build the capacity and resilience to thrive. In this presentation, participants will learn about the essential skills that make up our well-being and how to foster these critical skills in girls, allowing them to take back control over their happiness.

Learn more about The Umbrella Project

Dr. Tina Daniels - Coping with Bullying
This session is courtesy of the WITS anti-bullying program. The WITS vision is that all children are living, learning and playing in safe and responsive communities. The WITS mission is to create capacity in communities to promote safety & healthy relationships.

The WITS programs have been designed to create safe responsive environments to help elementary school children deal with bullying and peer victimization and build healthy relationships. This presentation will provide the basic skills, tools and activities needed to implement WITS strategies in your unit.

Watch Dr. Tina Daniels speak about her research

Lori Taylor - Guiding the Rainbow:  Creating 2SLGBTQ+ Inclusive Programming
This hands on and interactive session will assist with opening up hearts, minds and dialogue on creating 2SLGBTQ+ inclusive programming. Participants will have the opportunity to explore topics related to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in a safe and welcoming space. Resources will be provided to take back to units to assist with supporting 2SLGBTQ+ members to be everything she wants to be. Whether you have a great understanding of all the letters of the rainbow or are just learning, this presentation is for you.

10/27/2020 1:30:15 AM