Girl Jam 2020

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Registration opening late February!

Get ready for a GIGANTIC Girl Guide event.

GirlJam is a Girl Guide event where girls from all branches will come together from all over Ontario and Nunavut.

  • Experiment in our STEM Lab
  • Design and create in our Arts Studio
  • Test your limits in our Sports and Outdoors Pavilion
  • Take Action for a Better World in our Advocacy Hub
  • Build skills at our Life Stuff Arena
  • Sleep over with thousands of your best Guiding friends on Friday night and enjoy programming exclusively available to sleepover participants
  • And so much more!

Best of all, girls will be in the driver's seat and will choose what program to explore at GirlJam 2020!

OPTIONAL: A day-only option is available. Join us just on Saturday, September 26th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for this one-of-a-kind main event, full of amazing girl program.

We can't wait to see you at GirlJam 2020!

Exhibition Place – Better Living Centre and Bandshell Park
195 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3

Volunteer Opportunities

We are calling on all Rangers and Guiders who want to get involved in the planning of GirlJam 2020!

Learn more about GirlJam 2020 volunteer opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

About GirlJam

What is GirlJam?

GirlJam is set to be a GIGANTIC Girl Guide event that will bring thousands of girls from all branches across Ontario and Nunavut together for an event chock-full of amazing activities!

When and where is GirlJam?

GirlJam will take place September 25-26th, 2020 at Exhibition Place Toronto (Better Living Centre and Bandshell Park). On September 25th, participants will sleep over inside the Better Living Centre and on Saturday, girls will choose from amazing program activities. There will also be a day-only option to attend on Saturday September 26th, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What type of program will be available at GirlJam?

GirlJam will be an amazing opportunity to rock out in the Bandshell Park, design and create in our Arts Studio, explore STEM (robotics, anyone?), Take Action for a Better World in our Advocacy Hub and much more! Girls will get to participate in exciting activities alongside girls from all over Ontario and Nunavut. Who doesn’t love a 10,000 person campfire? Let's make it happen!

Will there be adult programming at GirlJam?

No. This is a girl focused event and Unit Guiders attending the event will be supervising girls and assisting them with program activities.


Will members have to register as a unit or can individuals register?

Registration will be by unit for the full overnight and day event or the day-only option. Individual girls will only be able to register for the Saturday day-only option.

Can individual adult members register to attend GirlJam?

No. This is a girl-focused event and only individual girls will be able to register. Adult members will either need to attend with a unit or as a volunteer crew member (must apply and be accepted for a position).

When will registration open?

Registration will open in late February 2020. Keep an eye on the eNews and on social media for more details.


Where will we be sleeping?

Participants will be sleeping in the Better Living Centre (a large building on the Exhibition Place grounds), on the floor. Sleepover participants will need to bring their own sleeping bags, sleeping pads, pillows and overnight personal items.

How will participants get their personal gear to the Better Living Centre?

All participants must pack gear that they can carry themselves. There will not be a transportation system in place to transport gear to the building for participants.

Volunteer Crew

How can I volunteer at GirlJam?

GirlJam will be a volunteer-powered event! Watch your eNews for more information about how to volunteer at GirlJam.

Do I need to be a member of Girl Guides of Canada in order to volunteer at GirlJam?

Yes. All volunteers must be fully screened members of Girl Guides of Canada in order to apply and be accepted for any volunteer positions at GirlJam.


Will there be merchandise for this event?

Absolutely! More information will be coming soon regarding GirlJam merch.

Questions? Email us at

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