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About GirlJam

What is GirlJam?

GirlJam is set to be a GIGANTIC Girl Guide event that will bring thousands of girls from all branches across Ontario and Nunavut together for a jam-packed one-of-a-kind day full of amazing activities!

When and where is GirlJam?

GirlJam will take place September 25-26th, 2020 at Exhibition Place Toronto (Better Living Centre and Bandshell Park). On September 25th, participants will sleep over inside the Better Living Centre and on Saturday, girls will choose from amazing program activities. There will also be a day-only option to attend on Saturday September 26th, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Registration - Units

Will members have to register as a unit or can individuals register?

Units and individuals can register for both the overnight and day event or the day-only option. Please note that the ability to provide transportation for the day-only option for individual girls may be limited by the availability of busing from the individual’s location.

What is the cost of registration?

The full event fee (Friday/Saturday) is $89 + HST/participant.

The day option fee (Saturday only) is $59 + HST/participant.

Please note, busing from Zone 3 will only be available for day option participants travelling from distances that are two hours or less from Exhibition Place and will be dependent on the number of day option registrations received from the participants home location.

What is included in the registration fee?

The participant fee includes:

Friday night: dance party, snack and indoor sleeping space

Saturday: all day extraordinary activities, breakfast, lunch and snacks (morning and afternoon)

NOTE: Saturday day option only – fee does not include breakfast. Participants need to eat breakfast before arrival at GirlJam.

Can I register some girls for the overnight event and some girls just for the Saturday event?

Yes. You will need to ensure that there are enough Unit Guiders to meet the Safe Guide yellow ratio for the Friday night sleepover. Guiders will be required to meet up with the balance of their unit on Saturday morning.

Do we need to have a minimum number of girls in order to register our unit?

There is no minimum number of girls required from your unit. Each unit will require the minimum number of Guiders (including one with current First Aid qualifications) according to the Safe Guide yellow ratio. The number of girls registered cannot exceed the yellow ratio for the branch of girls you are registering.

Do I have to register the names of participants when I register?

The initial registration will require you to identify and pay a deposit for the number of Guiders and the number of girls you are registering. Names will not be required until the final payment on June 24th, 2020.

Is the full registration fee due at the time of registration?

For those participants registering prior to June 16th, 2020, there is an initial deposit of $22.25/participant + HST payable. Payment will be made as a unit to province transfer. On June 24th, 2020, the balance of the registration fee will be transferred from the unit’s account to province. All registrations received after this time (until August 17th, 2020) will be required to pay the total fee for all participants.

Will I have to identify the names of the girls attending from my unit?

You will be asked to provide the names of all participants attending with your unit when the final payment is made on June 24th, 2020.

What is the registration deadline?

Current units can submit a unit registration until June 24th, 2020. New units (opened during the summer) can submit a unit registration until August 17th, 2020. In both cases, additional participants can be added to a unit’s already existing registration until September 4th, 2020 (space permitting). Individual girls can submit a registration until September 4th, 2020 (space permitting).
All registrations received after June 24th, 2020 will be accepted based upon available space.

We are a multi branch unit of Sparks, Brownies and Guides. Which Safe Guide yellow ratio do we need to follow?

Safe Guide requires you to follow the ratio for the youngest branch member in your group.

How will payments be made?

For unit registrations, both deposit and final payments will be made via unit transfers to province.

One of the girls in our unit is uncertain whether or not she’s going to continue as a member next year. If she registers for GirlJam, will she still be able to attend even if she does not register for the 2020-2021 Guiding year?

Non-members will be able to attend GirlJam so even if she does not register for the new Guiding year, she will be able to attend.

One of the Guiders in our unit is uncertain whether or not she’s going to continue as a member next year. If she registers for GirlJam, will she still be able to attend, even if she does not register with Girl Guides for the 2020-2021 Guiding year?

If a Guider registers for GirlJam but does not renew her membership she will still be able to attend if she submits an A.7 and has a current PRC on her iMIS record.

Will we be able to make changes to our registration after the June 24th final payment date?

You will be able to make changes to the names of the participants you have previously registered and register additional participants, space permitting, after June 24th. Cancellations will be allowed up to June 23rd, however, the deposit will not be refunded.

Registration - Individual Girls

My daughter’s unit is not attending GirlJam. If I register her as an individual girl, who will supervise her?

The GirlJam organizing committee will be recruiting Guiders to supervise girls who have registered as individual participants.

My daughter is not currently a member of Girl Guides. Can she attend GirlJam?

Yes! Non-member girls will be able to attend this event. You will need to register her for the event via the Individual Girl Registration form. We want to encourage girls to join Guiding – attending GirlJam might be a great way to do that.

My daughter is not planning to continue as a member of Girl Guides in September. Can she still register and attend GirlJam?

Yes! Non-members will be able to attend GirlJam. If she registers with her current unit, she will still be able to attend with them even if she does not register for the 2020-2021 Guiding year.

My daughter’s friend is not a member of Girl Guides but would like to attend the event with my daughter. Can I register her friend to attend?

Yes! If your daughter is attending GirlJam with her unit she will need to ask her Guiders to include her friend in their unit registration. She will also be able to register as an individual girl if the unit does not have the capacity to include her with their unit’s registration. In this case she would be added to a group of individual girls registered for the event.

Cancellations and Refunds

What is the cancellation and refund policy for GirlJam 2020?

All requests for a refund must be submitted via the Request for Change to Existing GirlJam Registration form. All deposits are non-refundable. A refund, less the deposit, may be issued up to August 26th, 2020 for extenuating circumstances only (example; death in the family or medical reasons). Refunds are provided via the same method used to pay for the event. In the case of individual girl registrations paid via a prepaid Visa or Mastercard, we recommend that you retain the card for any future transactions.


What kinds of programming will be available at GirlJam?

Friday night:  Rock out at the Bandshell Stage dance party and Activities-in-the-Dark

Saturday’s programming will be free-flow, meaning girls can choose what program sessions they attend all day long! Girls are in the driver’s seat of their day at GirlJam 2020. Program will be divided into five areas:

  • Experiment in our STEM Lab
  • Design and create in our Arts Studio
  • Test your limits in our Sports and Outdoors Pavilion
  • Take Action for a Better World in our Advocacy Hub
  • Build skills at our Life Stuff Arena

What are some examples of program sessions?

Make Your Own Robot and use it to play Robo-Soccer and navigate it through a Robo-Maze. 
Sport Zone – Take to the ice on our synthetic skating rink, get your zen on at indoor yoga, score the winning goal at our indoor soccer turf field, channel your inner Bianca Andreescu at our Tennis Doubles Court, try out She Shoots, She Scores at our interactive Hockey Net and more!
Retro String Art – contribute to our giant art installations all around GirlJam
SWAPs Central – bring your crests and homemade SWAPs to trade with other girls from across Ontario and Nunavut
Bubble Soccer – Bounce the day away in giant inflatable bubble balls

Keep checking our GirlJam page for exciting GirlJam program releases about GirlJam program sessions.

Will there be adult programming at GirlJam?

No. This is a girl focused event and Unit Guiders attending the event will be supervising girls and assisting them with program activities.


What type of dietary accommodations will be supported by the caterers?

The caterer will be able to accommodate the following:
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Nut Aware
Every effort will be made to ensure other allergies/dietary restrictions are accommodated.


GGCON will be providing a transportation subsidy for GirlJam.

How will participants get to GirlJam 2020?

Four transportation zones have been identified for getting to Exhibition Place for GirlJam. They are:


  • Zone 1 – Participants who reside in the City of Toronto and surrounding area serviced by TTC. Adults and girls 13 and older can receive reimbursement for their TTC fare (receipt or transfer required). Remember, children 12 and under are free on the TTC!
  • Zone 2 – Participants who reside within 30 km of the Lakeshore East or Lakeshore West GO Train line. Adults and girls 13 and older can receive reimbursement for their GO Transit fare (receipt or transfer required). Remember, children 12 and under are free on the GO!
  • Zone 3 – Participants who reside further than 30 km from the Lakeshore East or Lakeshore West GO Train line but less than 650 km from Exhibition Place.
  • Ontario Council will organize busing for participants to and from the event location. Participants will pay a flat rate fee of $10 +HST per person.
  • Zone 4 – Participants who reside farther than 650 km from Exhibition Place. Ontario Council will organize transportation which may include flights (including shuttle from the airport, if applicable, to Exhibition Place). Participants will pay a flat rate fee of $10 + HST per person.
NOTE: Transportation for units in Zone 3 and 4 attending the day-only option will be limited. It is preferable for those units to attend over night to ensure transportation options are available.

My unit is in Toronto and we would like to organize our own bus. Will there be any subsidy available to us?

Subsidy will only be provided as identified by your zone above. Contact us at if you intend to book your own bus (at your own expense). There is NO bus parking or bus drop off on site for buses booked independently by units.

I have a parent who does not want their child to travel on a bus without a seat belt. What other means will be available for getting her to the event?

If a parent does not want to use the means of transportation organized on her daughter’s behalf, they will need to provide their own means of transporting the participant to and from the event at their own expense.

How will we be reimbursed for the transportation cost?

For Zone 1 and 2 participants, the transportation cost will be reimbursed via the submission of a manual expense form with receipt, transfer or copy of online Presto statement.

For Zone 3 and 4 participants, the flat rate fee of $10 + HST/participant will be collected at the time of registration.


Where will we be sleeping?

Participants will be sleeping in the Better Living Centre (a large building on the Exhibition Place grounds), on the floor. Sleepover participants will need to bring their own sleeping bags, sleeping pads, pillows and overnight personal items.

How will participants get their personal gear to the Better Living Centre?

All participants must pack gear that they can carry themselves. There will not be a transportation system in place to transport gear to the building for participants.

Will there be showers available for overnight participants?

There will not be any shower facilities available at the event.

What time will “lights out” be on Friday night and what time will we be getting up on Saturday morning?

Lights out on Friday night will be at 10:00 p.m. and wake up on Saturday morning will be at 6:00 a.m. (subject to change).

Volunteer Crew

How can I volunteer at GirlJam?

GirlJam will be a volunteer-powered event! Crew applications are now available. Check out the current volunteer opportunities to apply.

Do I need to be a member of Girl Guides of Canada in order to volunteer at GirlJam?

Yes. All volunteers must be fully screened members of Girl Guides of Canada in order to apply and be accepted for any volunteer positions at GirlJam.

Will volunteer crew have to pay to attend?

Volunteers will be asked to pay $59 + HST. The fee includes a t-shirt, crest and meals during the event.

What types of positions are available for Crew?

There are many different crew positions including helping with site services or security, leading a session, helping with communications, leading a group of individual girls or assisting with the stage events. Check out the current volunteer opportunities to learn more about each position. The crew application deadline is March 15th, 2020.

How will Crew be recruited and what will be the selection process?

Crew will be recruited through an application process. Once the applications have been received, the steering committee members will review and set up phone interviews for potential crew members of their respective team.

Where will the Crew be sleeping at the event?

Crew will be sleeping inside the Better Living Centre.

Will cots be provided?

Crew will need to bring their own sleeping gear to the event.

How will transportation be organized for crew?

Crew will be required to organize their own transportation to the event and will be reimbursed according to the following:
  • Crew in Zone 1 and 2 will be required to use transportation options identified above.
  • Crew in Zone 3 will be required to arrange their own personal transportation and drivers will be reimbursed via the manual expense process for mileage at a rate of $0.25/km. Crew are encouraged to carpool.
  • Crew in Zone 4 will need to contact us and transportation (including flights) will be arranged by Ontario Council (including shuttle from the airport, as required).


Will there be merchandise for this event?

Absolutely! More information will be coming soon regarding GirlJam merch.


Is this a smoke-free event?

Yes, this is a smoke-free event. No smoking is allowed in the Better Living Centre or in Bandshell Park. A smoking area may be designated outside of these venues if available.

What is the Kit List for the event?

The Kit list can be found on the Forms tab.

Questions? Email us at

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