Cookie Alls Stars ordering site is open

Originally published in the Guide ON eNews, February 4th, 2020

to all adult members

Cookie All Star Ordering Site
Does your unit have girls reaching All Star Levels? The Cookie All Stars Rewards ordering site opens today (February 4th) and will remain open until the beginning of May. Start placing your orders!

Important Reminders:

  • Keep your Unit Cookie Distribution forms to manually track cookie sales by girl throughout both campaigns.  Keep these in a safe space so that they can be easily referenced when placing your unit’s Cookie All Star rewards order.
  • Register your unit’s Cookie All Star orders before the deadline (early May) to ensure girls receive their rewards.
  • To access the Cookie All Stars Rewards ordering site, remember to use the same username (Guider iMIS#) and password (Member Zone password) used to order your cookies.
  • Surplus cases and transferred cases must be manually added to the fields titled:
    • “Cookie Surplus/Wish List Orders” 
    • “Cookie Transfer from Other Units”
    • Cases can be added to girl’s selling records only after they are entered in these fields.
  • If you are using prior campaign cookie envelopes, please ensure parents are aware of the current Cookie All Stars rewards.
  • Talk to your girls and families about their All Stars sales goals when distributing cookies.

Helpful Tips for Lones, Trips or Trex

  • As a LONES, TRIP or TREX unit Cookie Orderer, please remember:
  • Girls work hard to fundraise through cookies and their rewards level is based on the total number of cases sold in the Guiding year, no matter which unit they were sold under. It is very important for all units to complete a Cookie All Star rewards order.
  • Rewards are mailed to:
    • the home unit’s contact Guider OR if none were entered in the home unit.
    • the contact Guider of the unit who entered the selling details.
9/22/2020 12:23:43 AM