February 25th message from Cherylyn Sawatzky, Deputy Provincial Commissioner

Originally published in the Guide ON eNews, February 25th, 2020

Cherylyn Sawatzky Deputy Provincial Commissionerto all ACLs, ACL Advisers and Community Guider Adviser

Hello ACLs!

Thank you to those of you who sent in your responses to my earlier message this month. I appreciate that you took the time to do that.

I just wanted to flag some pieces that are in your eNews and happening around Council:

Ontario Council Positions are OPEN!
We are looking for five amazing women to join Ontario Council. We are looking to get the word out far and wide and want to reach the women who might not think to apply. Did you know that women need to be asked seven times before they will do a job? SEVEN TIMES! We know that there are exceptional women out there who aren't even considering that they could do these positions and I'd like your help in finding them and encouraging them to apply. If you can reach out personally to at least one Guider in your community and encourage them to apply, we can build a great pool of applicants.

The posting for the Ontario Counil Positions is available and applications are due March 8th!

Ontario Council Events 
There are some great upcoming events and it would be so great if you could help to promote these events on your community Facebook groups and at sisterhood or trainings happening around your community.

There will be a presentation at Forum about these too, so if you're not entirely sure what they are, you'll know soon! If you want answers before that, though, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for all you do and I'll see you soon!

Yours in Guiding,
Cherylyn Sawatzky
Cherylyn Sawatzky
Deputy Provincial Commissioner

9/19/2020 6:34:38 PM