How to help your Treasurer

Originally published in the Guide ON eNews, February 18th, 2020

to all adult members

Here are some helpful tips for the unit leadership team to support the Treasurer as we approach the second required submission date (March 1st, 2020) for receipts and deposit slips:

  • Remember to submit all receipts to your Treasurer in a timely manner. Whether it is a purchase card receipt or a personal purchase, the Treasurer requires all receipts.
    • You may now scan and email your receipts to your Treasurer for processing. Keep in mind that you will need to date and initial the front of each receipt prior to scanning. 
    • If the vendor only provided a credit card receipt (or a hand written receipt), as opposed to an itemized receipt (which includes items purchased, total amount, tax break down, vendor name and address and the HST number), please complete a lost or incomplete receipt form and provide it to your Treasurer.
  • Balancing cookies will be reported on the year-end reconciliation (June). Spring cookies will soon be here, so please remember:
    • Use the Unit to Unit cookie transfer form if you give or receive cookies from another unit and give it to your Treasurer.
    • If you received cash from a parent/girl for any payment, prior to submitting to your unit’s Treasurer please count the cash with the parent/girl. When giving the cash to the Treasurer, put it in an envelope and ensure the name of the girl is on the envelope with an indication of what the payment is for (cookies, camp, special event or a combination).
    • If you are in charge of balancing the unit cookies, please document all cookies the unit received (have parents sign out cookies they received, indicate if cookies were transferred to another unit or cookies received from another unit, cases of cookies unsold and the case codes). Your Treasurer will need this when it comes time for the year-end reconciliation.
  • Remember that Interac E-Transfers and Parent Online Bill Payments are not the same thing. If you receive an Interac E-Transfer from a parent, please do not accept the Interac E-Transfer and advise the parent why you are refusing the payment. Using Parent Online Bill Payments is quick and easy.  When a parent pays online directly to their daughter’s unit they can pay for camp, cookies, dues, uniform or a special event. 

Thank you for your help,
the Unit Banking Team

9/21/2020 11:29:52 PM