Introduce girls and Guiders to the amazing world of engineering

Originally published in the Guide ON eNews, February 11th, 2020

to all adult members and Rangers

Engineers Canada is GGC’s national subject matter expert and are interested in connecting with units during Engineering Month in March.

This means that there may be engineers in your area who could visit interested units with the hopes of making engineering more accessible to girls. They’re hoping to connect with units specifically in March to offer support and role models to girls who are interested in exploring engineering.

Using a combination of activities from the platform and some that were developed by Engineers Canada with kids in mind, Engineering Canada would love to introduce girls and Guiders to the amazing world of engineering. If your unit would like to be connected to an engineer, please send your request to and you'll be connected with a guest from Engineers Canada.

Please note that due to timing, location and resources, there may not be availability for every unit that requests support, but they will try!

Please provide the following information with your request:
Unit Name
Contact Guider Name and iMIS
Date, time and length of meeting
# of girls on average in attendance

We look forward to all of the stories of inspiration as girls explore new possibilities through Guiding!

Yours in Guiding,
The GGC Programs Team

9/22/2020 1:17:35 AM