Unit minimums

Originally published in the Guide ON eNews, February 11th, 2020

to all ACLs, Unit Guiders and Community Guiders

Following National’s announcement last week regarding standardized unit minimum capacities, we received many thoughtful and productive messages asking questions and expressing concerns for this initiative. Thank you to all the Guiders who reached out with feedback. These conversations will assist in making this a successful change.

The new standardized unit minimum capacities are an opportunity for us to create more spaces for girls to join Guiding, over 14,000 spaces across Canada. Last year, Ontario had over 1,600 girls on waitlists. Over 1,200 of those girls were not registered in another unit, so they missed out on an opportunity to join us in Guiding.

Through the National Membership team, we received your requests for resources to support Unit Guiders with concerns on behaviour management in larger units. We encourage all Guiders to complete the New Guider Learning Path training (available in Member Zone). Guidance on behaviour management can be found in the Building Unit Guider Skills and All About the Branch modules.

In addition to the new unit minimum capacities we are working on several initiatives around adult recruitment and ACLs will be working closely in their communities to determine where new units need to open and which units need more adults. We understand that with more girls, more adults are needed to support them.

Still have questions about this upcoming change? Please refer to the FAQ document and don’t hesitate to reach out to membership@girlguides.ca or your ACL. We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Your support of this endeavour to provide more girls the opportunity to experience Guiding is appreciated!

9/22/2020 12:44:47 AM