March 3rd message from Brianna Warr-Hunter, ACL

Originally published in the Guide ON eNews, March 3rd, 2020

Brianna Warr-Hunter, Administrative Community Leader community 24

to all adult members in community 24

Hello Guiders,

I hope you all enjoy the upcoming March break.

By now I hope everyone is in the swing of things, it can take a little while to get in a “groove” with your Guiders.

If you aren’t using the Girls First platform, please do! It makes planning so much easier, with hundreds of evolving programming ideas right at your fingertips and a record that will follow girl members throughout their Guiding years.

Remember that our program is about the girls. They thrive and enjoy our programming much more when they have a say in the direction their unit goes.

Some of you may be week-to-week planners and some of you may have your unit mapped out for the rest of the year. There is no “right” way to plan your meetings. But remember to give everyone in the unit the opportunity for input, Guiders and girls alike. Build on each other’s strengths. Utilize them! If someone has excellent computer skills, maybe they would like to input the meetings into Girls First. Maybe someone else has great off-platform ideas for programs. Maybe another Guider has access to technology and is able to email parents/guardians when required. The Contact Guider does not have to be the one to maintain communication with parents, anyone can take on this role and parents thoroughly appreciate being kept “In the know”. For anyone who has read this far, please email me telling me about how your unit works as a team, to receive a surprise from me.

Units can work much smoother if everyone has an assigned role that they are comfortable having, distribute the workload and are heard.

Remember to allow everyone in your unit to have a voice!

Yours in Guiding,
Brianna Warr-Hunter
Administrative Community Leader, community 24

9/19/2020 5:59:09 PM