We are seeking inspired leaders to become Administrative Community Leaders (ACLs)

Originally published in the Guide ON eNews, March 3rd, 2020

Cherylyn Sawatzky Deputy Provincial Commissionerto all adult members in communities 9, 17 and 23

A better world, by girls. We are searching for a new ACL (or a team of co-ACLs!) for your community who can lead adult members and girls to fulfill the new Girl Guides of Canada – Guides du Canada Vision and Mission to be a catalyst for girls empowering girls.

We need ACLs with passion, experience and commitment from diverse communities.  

Passion – we need believers and promoters of the Vision and Mission. The new direction has been set and it is time to implement the National plan for change on a local level. You should be passionate about building a team of Community Guiders who are just as impassioned about girl empowerment as you are! Together, you will work with the Guiders in your community to ensure that the experience of girls, parents and Guiders is positive.  

Experience – We know that supporting girls and Guiders through these changes will require added skills and strengths from our new ACLs:
Within GGC – You have experience in the organization and have an understanding of the existing structure (for example, as a Unit Guider). 
Outside GGC – You have knowledge of your geographic community beyond Girl Guides (for example, through volunteering, family/friends or work).
Leadership – You have held a leadership and/or administrative role through employment or volunteering.
Conflict Management – You have successfully navigated challenging conversations with people to resolve conflict, inspire growth, and/or change behaviors.

Commitment – We need you to commit the time to be an active and impactful ACL. This means approximately 5-10 hours a week for a three-year term starting July 1st, 2020. You can also apply as a team of co-ACLs to share this commitment between two people! Some things this will include are: attending an ACL Forum in the spring and the fall in Toronto, being responsive to emails and phone calls within 48 hours, recruiting and placing Community Guiders effectively and participating in a monthly teleconference call with your Community Planning Coordinator.

Diversity – We are committed to ensuring that our ACL team reflects the richness of human diversity and the Canadian population. In addition to wide and varied skills, interests and experiences, we want a diverse ACL team with regard to to race, ethnicity, age and lived-experience. We want to ensure that the senior volunteers consider all of the various perspectives necessary to grow Guiding where every girl is empowered to be everything she wants to be.

What you’ll get from us:
Being an ACL right now is an opportunity to play an essential leadership role in an organization at a pivotal point in its 100+ year history. You will have the chance to encourage and empower girls and Guiders in your community during the transformation of Canada’s largest and oldest movement for girls and women as it undertakes a most profound change that will, if we get this right, have a significant impact on the lives of girls across Ontario, Nunavut and Canada.

You will become a catalyst for girls empowering girls to help them meet the most important person in their lives – themselves. With girls at the center, this is an opportunity to ensure that GGC is a safe space where every girl in Ontario and Nunavut can have the voice and choice to be everything she wants to be. 

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Cherylyn Sawatzky
Cherylyn Sawatzky
Deputy Provincial Commissioner
9/19/2020 5:14:31 PM