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2018-2019 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge
The deadline for submissions has been extend to March 10th, 2018. Units are invited to help develop the new, revamped Sing Ontario Sing Challenge! After receiving feedback from units on Sing Ontario Sing, we have decided to move the Challenge forward in a new and exciting direction. We are inviting units to submit their theme for the 2018/2019 Challenge, as well as a short description of what their vision for the Challenge is. The selected unit will be responsible for providing a Challenge outline, song list and song sheets. New this year, the selected unit will also be required to provide video or audio recordings of the unit singing the songs from the song list! These will be posted on National’s YouTube channel to provide units across Ontario and Nunavut with inspiration and guidance on how the songs should be sung. The successful unit will receive funds ($75) from Ontario Council to purchase snacks for their planning and recording session!   Submit your theme.

2017-18 Sing Ontario Sing crest2017-2018 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge
A big thank you to all the members of Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council that took the time to submit the 2017-18 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge proposals.

Congratulations to Kristen Hamilton and the 1st Huntsville Pathfinders for submitting the winning 2017-18 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge. They will be working hard to select songs and determine the criteria for the chosen theme "Celebrate Canada 150". Look for the challenge this September on our website.

Be sure to visit the website early next year to see how YOUR Unit can be selected to create the 2018-19 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge.  
~ Elise Sine, Program Adviser

2016-2017 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge  

Congratulations to Sharon O'Connor and the 2nd Kanata North Rangers for submitting the winning 2016-2017 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge. They have worked hard to select songs and determine the criteria for their chosen theme. 

 All Seasons Challenge 

Experiencing the outdoors is an important part of the Guiding program. These activities aim to get units and girls outside throughout the year during regular meeting times.

2015-2016 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge - Lend a Voice

Emergency Preparedness

This challenge was developed in 2006 by Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council in partnership with Emergency Management Ontario and several other partners. The challenge encourages girls to "Be Prepared" for 72 hours in case of emergency. At every branch level, participants will learn in a fun and interactive manner to define, plan and gain skills to help them deal with emergencies.

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