International Program

Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada and our international sisters, Girl Scouts, are the largest associations for girls and women, working together without barriers. Did you know we are:
  • established in 145 countries
  • connected to 10 million members globally!

World Association of Girl Guides - (WAGGGS) is our international umbrella organization of national Guiding and Scouting. 

WAGGGS works with non-governmental groups, United Nations programs and agencies, and as a global voice for girls and women for health, environment and education.
WAGGGS also promotes peace and understanding between girls and women from Member countries, by hosting girls from Canada and around the world at its four world centres:

Pax Lodge, in England

Sangam, in India

Our Cabana, in Mexico

Our Chalet, in Switzerland


We promote global Guiding by encouraging our Canadian membership to support:  

Programming & Badges:

Stop the Violence
Global Action Theme
Millenium Development Goals (MDG)
WAGGGS YouTube Channel

Youth and United Nations Global Alliance Activity Pack
Free Being Me
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