(source: "Campfire Activities", Girl Guides of Canada, 1993.)

Waddle-ee-ocha, waddle-ee-ocha,
Doodle-ee-doo, doodle-ee-doo,
Waddle-ee-ocha, waddle-ee-ocha,
Doodle-ee-doo, doodle-ee-doo!

It's the simplest song, there ain't much to it,
All you've got to do is doodle-ee-doo it,
I like the rest but the part I like best
It goes: doodle-ee-doodle-ee-doo! Woo!

For each pair of lines in the song, you fit the following actions:
Slap hands on thighs twice
Clap hands twice
With arms in held in front of chest, shake left hand over right hand twice, then right hand over left twice
Left hand holding your nose, right hand holding your left ear, then right hand holding your nose and left hand holding your right ear, repeat
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