Guider of the month

Originally published in the Parent Guide ON eNews on November 14th, 2019

to all parents

Does your daughter have a Guider who always goes above and beyond to make her Guiding experience one-of-a-kind? Does she help girls grow through all aspects of the Guiding program? Your daughter/ward can nominate her for Guider of the month!

The Guider of the Month award is a way for girls and youth members to nominate any adult Guiding member who has had a positive impact on their Guiding experience. It is an award that celebrates the contribution that they make to Girl Guides of Canada and specifically your daughter/ward and her unit.

Only nominations written by girl/youth members will be considered, but parents may help younger members complete the application if needed.  Please note, to keep it fair for everyone, girl/youth members may not nominate members of their family (i.e. mother, guardians, aunts, grandmothers etc.). 

Nominators will receive a personalized certificate and congratulatory letter from the Provincial Commissioners. The girls can present these letters to their Guider when they see fit.

8/14/2020 7:16:40 PM