Saskatchewan Council, Girl Guides of Canada

Downloadable Forms and Information


Crisis Response Plan

Adult Volunteer Member application or
Adult Volunteer Non Member application and/or
Police Record Check - please contact
Member Services Support

Application for a Provincial Position

Ethnic Group Self-Declaration Form


Expense Guidelines
Expense Claim

Fund Development Governance Policy - 01-19-01

Fundraising Event Trip Form SK-FD1
Fundraising at a GGC Event Request Form

Misconduct Misappropriation Policy
Suspicion of Financial Misconduct - Summary Procedure & Timeline
Documentation of Suspicion of Financial Misconduct
Sample Letters

GST Form (50% rebate)
2018 Camp/Event GST Rebate Form

GST Booklet

Treasurer's Tools

Treasurer's Handbook
GST/HST Guidelines- Guider Toolkit
Revenue-Expense Form


Awards application for National approval
(From National website)

Awards application for Provincial approval
(From National website)

Saskatchewan Guider Appreciation Award

Forms Retention

Forms Retention

Unit Guider Information

Commissioner/Adviser Information


Grants, Funds and Scholarships

Provincial Funding Application
Marian Clark Adventure Camping Grant

Carol Pollock Camp Travel Fund
Elizabeth Allen Fund - Sisters to Sisters - Criteria

Membership Financial Assistance Application

Sisters to Sisters Unit Funding Application

Mildred Baldwin Scholarship

Cynthia O'Connor Scholarship



Cookie Tracking Sheet for Units

Provincial Cookie Fundraising Incentive

Provincial Cookie Fundraising Incentive Request Form

Provincial Cookie Fundraising Incentive Tracking Sheet



E-Learning - How to begin


Flag Protocol

Travel Financial Templates
Budget - Independent Trips (SK template)
Trip - Financial Worksheet (SK template) 

SK Girl Guides Social Media Guidelines

Safe Guide
A to Z Activities
Now You're the RG
LINKS for SG Manual & SG Forms
Archery Guidelines

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