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    • My daughter has always proudly worn her uniform to school for Thinking Day and Remembrance day. She is currently a Pathfinder and quite proud of that as well. She states she wants to continue through all levels, become a guider and if she ever has her own daughter put her into guiding.

    • I've always been a VERY proud Guider to wear my uniform on Thinking Day and I enjoy seeing all the girls at school wear their uniforms as well. To me it shows that they are proud to represent the name of Girl Guides of Canada and to help it keep growing

    • My daughter says she feels proud, because her sash is full and she has worked hard on it

    • I'm one of the only girls in Guiding at my school, and I wear mine every Thinking Day. I think it's worth it, and standing for what you believe in is really important. I think Guiding is an organization that is excellent for girls, and it's a lifelong thing, so it shows commitment.

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4/25/2014 4:37:21 AM