Forms for Alberta Guiders

The forms below are listed in alphabetical order by topic. Click the name of the topic to be taken to that section:


This form needs to be used each time someone makes a donation of uniform/insignia or other historic materials to the provincial Archives.

 AB-Council.13  Archives Donation Form   2014   DOC

BackCheckTM Police Records Check

PRC RENEWALS: All Members under the jurisdiction of Alberta Council will receive an e-mail from the Provincial office ( to renew their PRC with instructions and the necessary link to an on-line landing page to start their renewal process. For Members without email addresses, renewal forms will be sent out through the mail as in the past. There is no charge to Guiders, National is covering the cost.

NON-MEMBERS: Please note that Non-Members of Girl Guides of Canada requiring a PRC can apply for a BackCheckTM PRC and pay for the service directly online. The cost is approximately $23.00 + GST. An A.7 Non-Member Volunteer Application Form  DOC PDF needs to be sent to the respective iMIS home. The applicant will be sent an email from the iMIS home with instructions and the necessary link to an online landing page to begin their PRC process with BackCheckTM.

  PRC   BackCheckTM Police Records Check Form     2014   PDF


LINK to Camping Forms page


Use this form to apply for positions as follows:

  • Standing Committee Adviser
  • Supporting Committee Adviser
  • Position on a Provincial Committee

  AB.Council.17   Committee Application Form     July 2011   PDF DOC


  AB.Council.06   E-Learning Pin Order Form     April 2011   PDF DOC


LINK to Information about the Children's Arts Tax Credit (CATC)

  Multi   Alberta Girl Guides Financial Package - for Multi Units     Jan 2017   XLS
  Single   Alberta Girl Guides Financial Package - for Single Units     Jan 2017   XLS
  NEW   Alberta Girl Guides Financial Package - Explanation of Changes 2016     April 2016   
  GST FAQ   Alberta Girl Guides GST FAQ     April 2013   PDF
  GST Tips   Alberta Girl Guides GST Tips for Treasurers     April 2013   PDF
  GST Toolkit   Alberta Girl Guides GST Guider Toolkit     April 2013   DOC
  GST Rebate   Alberta Girl Guides GST Rebate Form     Oct 2014   XLS
  AB.Council.03   Financial Statement For Provincially Approved/Sponsored Events     Oct 2011   PDF DOC
  NEW   Expense Form     Oct 2016   XLS

Forms Retention

  AB.Council.05   Forms Retention Report     April 2013   DOC
  Retention   Forms Retention Schedule     Feb 2016   DOC


Fundraising and Financial Accounting for SG.8 Approved Travel

We recognize that there are many documents related to fundraising and travel and in order to make it as straightforward as possible for you to fulfill the responsibilities of your position we have gathered these documents together in one place so that you do not need to search for them.

You will find contained in this section, all of the information you need concerning fundraising as well as the special extra requirements associated with Travel requiring an approved SG.8 Travel Preauthorization form. If you have questions to do with Safe Guide please contact the Assessor who approved your SG.8; for fundraising questions please contact your Area Commissioner.

  SG.8   Travel Preauthorization     July 2016   PDF DOC
  FR.1   Application for Fundraising Approval     July 2014   PDF DOC
  Budget   Trip Budget Worksheet     2016   XLS
  Worksheet     Trip Financial Worksheet (includes Event Summary)     2016   

Fundraising by Units

Girl Guides of Canada - Guides du Canada has strict policies in place regarding fundraising. Our primary method of fundraising for unit activities is the sale of Girl Guide Cookies.

If your unit is trying to raise funds for a trip or activity that requires fundraising beyond the sale of GGC cookies, please check the Provincial and National Fundraising Policies: there are forms and time lines that must be followed, and permission must be given in advance of any fund raising efforts.

The link below will take you to the Safe Guide section on MemberZone (you will need to log in with your MemberZone user ID and password).

You will find many documents in this section - you are looking for the SG.8, FR.1 and Governance Policies. Please refer to Governance Policy 01-19-01. You will also need a copy of Safe Guide to refer to.

For more information please contact your Area Commissioner

Government Grants

  AB.Council.04   Government Grant Application Form     Oct 2012   PDF DOC

GPS (Global Positioning System) Units for Geocaching

15 Garmin e-Trex Legend units and 24 Garmin e-Trex 20 GPS Receiver units are available, a legacy of the provincial event 007-A Chance to Bond, are owned by Alberta Council.

  • 15 ‘northern-based’ units are kept at the Provincial office 
  • 24 ‘southern-based’ units are kept in Calgary
  • A record of the serial numbers is maintained at the Provincial office
  • DOC Booking Process Information

  GPS   Alberta Girl Guides GPS Booking Form     Nov 2013   DOC

New Unit Assistance

  AB.Council.02   New Unit Assistance Form     June 2015   PDF DOC

International - Flags

Use this form to book International Flags, Poles and Stands for Guiding Events.

  AB.International.01   International Flags, Poles and Stands     March 2009   PDF DOC

Non-Member Volunteers

  A.7     Non-Member Volunteer Form     May 2014     DOC PDF

Provincial Events

  AB.Council.07   Provincial Event Registration Form     Oct 2015 PDF  DOC
  Event Planner   Event Planner - Guidelines for Alberta Council Provincial Event     May 2016   PDF 

Public Relations - Crests and Merchandise

All crests, logos and merchandising items must be approved before anything can be produced! Please see the following documents for details:

Please complete an AB.PR.01 Crest/Logo Approval form (below) and forward to for approval.

A copy of the image must be included with your form submission. Please allow two weeks for approval.

  AB.PR.01   Crest Logo Use Approval Form     April 2009   PDF  DOC
  AB.PR.02   Intent to Publish     April 2005   PDF DOC

Safe Guide Sample Forms

The Provincial Assessors have provided the following filled-out SAMPLE Safe Guide forms to aid you in preparing your forms for various activities.  The provided documents may not be used as-is, but are meant to help you--please personalize the forms for each specific activity and your own unit.

If you are submitting Safe Guide forms for an upcoming activity/camp or have questions about the forms, please contact assessor(@)albertagirlguides(dot)com

National Safe Guide Forms are available on the GGC national website

 SG.4   SAMPLE Emergency Response Plan (Unit Meeting)   Aug 2016    PDF
 SG.1  SAMPLE Activity Plan (Overnight Camp)  Aug 2016    PDF
 SG.3  SAMPLE Activity Notification or Authorization (Overnight Camp)   Aug 2016    PDF
 SG.4  SAMPLE Emergency Response Plan (Overnight Camp)  Aug 2016    PDF


LINK to Scholarship Application Information and Forms


LINK to Training Forms

Transportation Assistance

  AB-Council.01a     Transportation Assistance Information and Application Form     2017   PDF   DOC

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