Guiding Matters

Guiding Matters

Guiding Matters is an e-newsletter offering a timely snapshot of the many unique Guiding programs and events right across Canada that are empowering girls to do extraordinary things. With updates on service projects, eco-activities, global initiatives and profiles of outstanding Members, Guiding Matters is the place to learn more about how Guiding inspires girl greatness.

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Canadian Guider

Guiding Matters

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Canadian Guider is the magazine for busy Girl Guide leaders and Rangers who are looking for great ideas and inspiring stories that will help them offer dynamic and engaging programs to girls.

Every article in Canadian Guider helps readers deliver the best possible current information and programming to girls and young women, offering ideas that they can put into action. We offer articles by writers across the country about:

  • Innovative activities for girls
  • Winning leadership techniques
  • Unique ways to attract new Members
  • Community service projects
  • Camping and outdoor activities
  • Craft and activity ideas in our Ideas to Go section
  • Issues of relevance to girls and women
  • Global issues and international travel


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  • US: $15.00
  • Overseas: $20.00

Note: All adult Members and Rangers automatically receive the magazine as part of their Membership.

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Canadian Guider goes out to 40,000 women across Canada.

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Guiding Matters

GuidePost is a monthly e-newsletter offering fresh ideas, news and tips for adult Members of Guiding.

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Guiding Matters

News and ideas for young women (18-30) in Guiding.

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TG News

Guiding Matters

Updates on what Trefoil Guilds (for women age 30+) are doing across Canada

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Taking the Lead

Guiding Matters

Important news to assist Commissioners and Administrative Community Leaders in supporting Guiders and girls.

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