Guides (age 9-11)


For girls ages 9 to 11
Guide Units meet once a week, usually for two hours

In Guides, girls strengthen their leadership skills by taking the lead in Unit activities, learning to organize events and teaching each other new skills, all while having fun with girls their own age. The Guide program includes activities that deal with cyber safety, anti-bullying, self-esteem, health and fitness and environmental sustainability. Guides also have opportunities to take action on issues important to them and to make an impact on their community through service projects such tree planting and volunteering at local food banks.

Sample activities may include:

  • Making gift baskets for women’s shelters
  • Starting a book club
  • Planning a tree planting project
  • Learning about online safety
  • Developing an anti-bullying code
  • Planning a spa night
  • Camping under the stars
  • Creating a digital photo gallery
  • The Guides Uniform

    The versatile Guide uniform – T-shirt, navy cargo pants, badge sash, reef knot pin and tie – allows girls to participate in the wide range of activities that Guiding is all about, from planting trees in a community garden and volunteering at their local food bank to canoeing down a river or discussing community safety with local politicians.

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  • Guides Badges

    Girls in Guides earn badges, crests and other awards in recognition for the leadership skills they’ve developed, the new adventures they’ve tried and the service they’ve given to their community. Guides wear their badges on their uniform badge sash.

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