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Current Manitoba Challenges

**NEW** Youth Forum Literacy Challenge

For the past few months, the Manitoba Youth Forum has been working on a literacy challenge in honor of I Love To Read Month.

This challenge is designed for all branches, once you have completed the challenge you can order a very special crest that the Manitoba Youth Forum has designed! Some activities you can look forward to doing are tableaus, you get to put yourself into a Robert Munsch book, rewrite an ending and so much more, these activities include fun games and fun books to read with your girls! We hope you have as much fun completing this challenge as we had designing it!

Crest order form Doc or PDF

Sparks and Brownies Literacy Challenge
Guides Literacy Challenge
Pathfinders and
Rangers Literacy Challenge

Geoscience Aware Challenge
CWFF Crest Order Form
Kids Helping Kids Challenge Updated

VOW Modules

Manitoba Girl Guides has partnered up with VOW (Voice of Women for Peace) to develop eight modules on Women, Peace and Activism that are targeted for use with Pathfinder and Ranger Units. This resource is now available for use in your Units. For more information about the VOW, please visit their website

Facilitators Manual
VOW Trivia



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