New Brunswick Council Camping Challenge

The Challenge - click here for the complete document

  • Girls are required to complete one level from 4 of the 6 areas for each branch they’re in.  
  • Levels are completed for the branch the girl belongs to and girls cannot work backwards to earn crest components from branches they weren’t a member of.
  • The crest is built up as the girls move from Branch to Branch, increasing their experience camping and their exploration of our 2 provinces.

Type of Camping

  • Day Camp (Sparks)
  • Residential/Sleepover (Brownies)
  • Tenting (Guides)
  • Tenting/Adventure/tripping (Pathfinders/Rangers)

Minimum # of consecutive nights           

1 (Sparks)

2 (Brownies)

3 (Guides) (Pathfinders) (Rangers)

Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

  • Sparks camp 1 season
  • Brownies camp 2 seasons
  • Guides camp 3 seasons
  • Pathfinders  and Rangers camp 4 seasons

Provincial Guiding Campsites

Girls visit an increasing number of Provincial Guide Campsites through their years.  This is a cumulative component (include camps visited in one branch toward challenge in the next branch). 

Sparks 1 camp, Brownies 2 camps, Guides 3 camps, Pathfinders 4 camps, Rangers 5 or more camps.

Area Campsites include:

Provincial Events

  • Sparks attend Sparks Can Camp
  • Brownies attend Camp Fun for Brownies
  • Guides attend Guide Camp Skills
  • Pathfinders attend Sizzle ‘N Splash and/or Night Quest
  • Rangers attend Sizzle ‘N Splash and/or Night Quest and/or Ranger Sleepover
  • OR attend any Provincially Sponsored Camp at your branch level.

Provincial/National Parks

Visit a Provincial or National Park for each branch (Sparks-1, Brownies-2, Guides-3, Pathfinders-4, Rangers 5). 
This is a cumulative component as well (visits made as a Spark count toward visits as a Brownie, etc.).


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