External Awards

In addition to awards available from Girl Guides of Canada, there are awards available for volunteers from communities across Ontario. Consider nominating your fellow Guiders or girl members.

The following external awards are available: 

Awards for adult or youth volunteers
  1. Ontario Volunteer Service Award - nomination deadline: January 25th
    • Each December, the membership support department will be in contact with Administrative Community Leaders (ACLs) regarding this award.
    • This is the only external award added to member profiles in iMIS.
Awards for adult volunteers
  1. Ontario Senior Achievement Award - nomination deadline: June 15th
  2. June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award – nomination deadline: December 5th
  3. Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship – nomination deadline: July 17th
  4. Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award – nomination deadline: Ongoing
Awards for youth
  1. Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Award – nomination deadline: November 30th
  2. Ontario Medal for Young Volunteers – nomination deadline: January 15th
  3. Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award for Students – nomination deadline: Ongoing
  4. Lincoln M. Alexander Award - nomination deadline: May 31th
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