Meeting Space Contracts and Payment

Regular Unit Meeting Space


Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council supports girl units across the province by paying costs for regular weekly meeting space.

User space FAQ

If your unit does not meet in a school or facility where a permit is required, the Contact Guider will receive an email with details of the cheque to be sent to the facility in December/January. Contact Guiders are asked to reply to the email with any changes or corrections. The facilities will receive a thank-you card from Ontario Council that is mailed in time to arrive for Thinking Day. 

If your unit meets in a school or facility requiring a permit, information to renew the permit application will be sent to the Contact Guider by the Membership Administrative Assistant.

The permit renewal email is sent based on the date that applications are due at the permit office. Upon receipt the Contact Guider should review the information and confirm it is accurate.  The due date allows time for processing by GGC, Ontario Council and the external provider's permit office. The Executive Director is the only person that can authorize/sign these documents. The Membership Administrative Assistant will submit the signed permit application to the permit office.

When the Membership Administrative Assistant receives the approved permit from the facility, the Contact Guider will be emailed a copy of the permit.

Meetings/events may NOT begin until the permit is received by the Contact Guider or Responsible Guider.

One-time or Temporary Space

All contracts for facility space need to be signed by a designated Ontario Council signatory.

The steps are:

  • Complete the document provided by the facility, entering the information of the Responsible Guider for the event as the contact.
  • Completed contracts will only be accepted when submitted via the online Contract Submission form.
  • The signed contract is returned to the Responsible Guider for submission to the facility.
  • Meetings/events may NOT begin until processing of documentation is confirmed.
  • If the facility requires a Certificate of Insurance, you can request this by completing the INS.02 Request for Certification of Insurance.
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