Volunteer Service Awards

Full details can be found at the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration website.

The Ontario Volunteer Service Awards are a way for the government of to thank volunteers for their continuous years of commitment and dedicated service to a group as an adult volunteer.

Youth volunteers (under the age of 24) are recognized for two or more years of continuous service.
Adults are recognized for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30+, 40+, 50+ and 60+ years of continuous service.
The awards are presented to volunteers who contribute consecutive years of service as an adult to a single group within Ontario, and whose work is characterized by the following:

Volunteer time given on an ongoing and active basis to the same group for which no payment has been received
Membership alone is not a qualification for recognition
Services performed during the normal course of professional or business duties are not eligible for recognition.
Each organization may nominate up to 9 volunteers (at least three of the nominees must be a youth volunteer under the age of 24). Organizations that have more than one branch may submit nominations for each branch. Each branch should provide a local contact who will be invited to the local ceremony for the nominated volunteers. Nominators must attest to the accuracy of the information provided for each volunteer by signing a certification clause on the nomination form for this program.

The deadline for the Ministry to receive nominations is January 25 of each year and the nominees must be eligible as of that date.

Each December, Membership will provide the ACL:

  • List of those Guiders who have an Ontario Volunteer Service Award recorded in iMIS (ACLs may wish to nominate Guiders who have not previously received this award).
  • List of adult membership years for Guiders in their community
  • List of adult members between the ages of 18 and 24 for the Youth Awards for their community
As we have limited records in iMIS and an individual cannot be nominated twice at the same level, you should have on hand two alternates as the Ministry may call to say that one of your nominations is ineligible. 

When you hear from the Ministry that the nominations have been approved, please send the information to the Membership Administrative Assistant for input to iMIS.

Recipients receive an invitation to attend a presentation ceremony with one guest. The local contact identified on the nomination forms will also be invited to the presentation ceremony. In addition, a member of the Provincial Council who lives close to the presentation ceremony may be invited to attend.
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