Subsidy for Canadian Red Cross Training Programs

Ontario Council provides a subsidy to offset the costs of Canadian Red Cross (CRC) Emergency and Standard first aid training and re-certification. The subsidy amount is 50% of the course cost to a maximum of $40.00.

A scanned copy of the certificate and the course receipt must be attached to the application in order for the subsidy request to be processed.

To be approved for the subsidy, you must:
  • be an active adult Member of GGC, Ontario Council.
  • have completed training through the Canadian Red Cross (either local branch or authorized provider of the CRC).
  • submit a copy of your first aid certificate and course fee receipt with the online application.
Subsidy is not provided if:
  • the first aid training has been provided at a reduced rate by a first aid instructor supported by Ontario Council.
  • a copy of the receipt and/or certificate is not provided.
  • if another form of subsidy has already been provided by Ontario Council for a training event offered.
  • first aid training is offered as a course within an event.
Ontario Council First Aid Subsidy Application Form

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