How do I earn Training and Enrichment for Adult Members (TEAM) pins?

There are several TEAM pins that can be earned by completing various training modules.

The following is a breakdown of the pins and the streams that need to be completed to earn the pin:

  • New Unit Guider/Guiders Changing Branches - Red Pin
  • OAL Residential - Green Pin
  • OAL Tenting - Yellow Pin
  • Let’s Go Camping - Gold OAL Compass Pin
  • OAL Adventure - Dark Green Pin
  • Trainer - Purple Pin
  • Administrator - Blue Pin
  • ACL - Orange Pin

What does the TEAM pin look like?

It is a circular pin with a gold lamp in the centre with a coloured background.

Red training pin
New Unit Guider/Guiders Changing Branches

How do I get my TEAM pin?

Upon completion of the necessary TEAM modules, you can request your pin through the Learning and Development section at Pins are not automatically sent out.

When I complete TEAM training, is it recorded in my iMIS profile?

Yes, each TEAM training module you complete is recorded in your iMIS profile. Updating is done in various ways:

  • In person trainings: The trainer keeps a participate list that is submitted to the provincial office upon completion of the training.
  • e-Learning: This is done twice a month automatically by the national office. If you wish to have your iMIS profile updated immediately upon completing the training you must send a copy (or link to) your certificate of completion to and your profile will be updated.
5/27/2020 11:54:09 AM