Types of Trainings

What types of trainings are available through TEAM?

The TEAM training program is divided into various streams with corresponding modules.

An outline of the training steams and modules is available.

How do I find out what trainings are being offered within my community?

To find out what trainings are being offered within your community or surrounding communities, please visit the Event Calendar.

What training do I need for my role as a Unit Guider?

Safe Guide is GGC’s risk management training that provides members working with girls the tools and resources to keep girl members safe.

Safe Guide training is mandatory and must be completed within the first six months of joining the organization or if you are a current member, newly working with girls.

What trainings are recommended for my role as Unit Guider?

The following trainings are recommended for all Unit Guiders:

  • New Unit Guider - Before beginning your role as a Unit Guider or within three months of being in a unit.
  • Unit Guider Foundation - Recommended to those Unit Guiders changing branches.
  • Outdoor Activity Leadership (OAL) - Recommended for those Unit Guiders interested in taking girl members camping.
  • TEAM Enrichment - Recommended to enhance unit programming and develop personal skills.
  • Ontario Finance Training - Recommended that all Unit Treasurers complete prior to the start of the Guiding year (September).
  • First Aid - Recommended, but not mandatory.
11/27/2020 12:10:59 PM