Stay connected with Guiding

To all Ranger Unit Guiders and third-year Rangers

As a third-year Ranger, you may be completing the girl program this spring – but that doesn’t have to be the end of your involvement in Guiding! You’re invited to remain in the wonderful world of Girl Guides of Canada (GGC), by maintaining your membership as a Link member, a new adult volunteer, or both.

Why should you stay registered in GGC?
o    Access to training
o    Canadian Guider magazine
o    Scholarship opportunities
o    Travel opportunities

How can you stay involved?
You can continue on in Guiding after you complete the Ranger program, by:

Becoming a Link member
Did you treasure the close, personal relationships you made during your time as a girl member with GGC? We encourage you to stay involved with our organization, even if you’re moving on to other things – or moving away for a time – by becoming a Link member. Link is a Guiding activity for young women between the ages of 18 to 30. When you join Link, you can stay connected with other Link members within Ontario and across the country. Link members receive regular communications with information relating specifically to Link topics, such as events, information and opportunities for you within Guiding. If you don’t have the time or opportunity to become an adult volunteer with us now, but you want to stay connected to Guiding, this is the perfect way to do it. Best of all, as our 18th birthday gift to you, Rangers joining Link in the 2017-18 Guiding year are eligible to have the National annual membership fee paid for by Ontario Council (a $60 value)!

Volunteering as a Unit Guider
Are you looking for your next, great adventure? Perhaps you’d value the opportunity to share all the skills and knowledge you gained as a girl member, by becoming a Unit Guider for the next generation of our girls. As a Unit Guider, you will get to expand on the leadership skills you developed in the Ranger program, and give back to the organization that has given you so much over the years, while helping to grow a new generation of empowered Canadian girls.

What do you need to do?
Our Membership team will send you an email after your 18th birthday, with instructions. Once you have turned 18, if you wish to join as an adult member, you can submit the online A.1 registration form and will need to review Orientation to Guiding and get a Police Records Check (PRC).

Ask Shereen Naiem,
8/21/2019 5:36:10 AM