Property Booking Terms and Conditions

SPECIAL NOTICE TO MEMBERS: Court application regarding camp properties

Bookings are only accepted upon completion and submission of the Camp Facility Booking Request form. By submitting a form, the group contact person and the group agrees to the rental terms and conditions.

Bookings by members for Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council (GGC-OC) activities

  • Payments are transferred directly from the booking unit’s account in our centralized banking system
  • Payments by cash, cheque, money order, or credit card are not accepted for property bookings
  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable and will be processed after the booking has been confirmed
  • If there are insufficient funds in the unit’s centralized account, the person booking will be notified, and the booking will not be held
  • For confirmed bookings, the rental fee balance will be transferred two weeks before the arrival date
  • If there are insufficient funds in the centralized account, the person booking will be notified, and the booking will be cancelled

Note: Bookings associated with events whose registrations are running through the GGC-OC event calendar are subject to different terms. Event Planners should contact the Camping Administrative Assistant for details.

Authorized access

Any person authorized by GGC-OC may visit the camp or facility at any time, and may stop an activity being carried out on the premises, which in the opinion of such authorized person, may cause damage to the premises or its equipment or bodily harm.


Alcohol is only to be consumed in accordance with Safe Guide’s alcohol policy.

Cancellations and refunds

If you need to cancel your booking, please notify in writing as soon as possible so that another group has the opportunity to rent the space. In the event of cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to another camp. In order to receive a refund of the balance, a written cancellation request must be received at least ten business days before the first day of your booking. Example: if your arrival day is a Friday afternoon, cancellations must be received two weeks prior, by Thursday at 4:00 pm. Exceptions may be made if extenuating circumstances apply (i.e. illness, death in the family). 

For example: 

Should Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council be unable to provide access or essential services to camp operation and have to cancel your booking, a full refund of both deposit and balance payment will be made.

**NEW October 2016**
Transfering a booking to another unit

Should you be unable to use your camp booking, you may identify another unit that will use the same space and dates and transfer the booking. The following process needs to be used to avoid penalty:

Complete the Property Booking Transfer Request for Units form in order to notify Ontario Council of the change request. This form will require you to submit your name, unit name, date of booking, camp name and site name in addition to the new contact information (unit and guider name, telephone number and email address). The new unit needs to complete the Camp Facility Booking Request form and note in the Additional Information section they are replacing the booking for the name of the original unit. Only when these steps are complete will the transfer be considered valid.

Payment will be applied as follows:

If the transfer occurs less than two weeks from the arrival date, the units must do a unit to unit transfer request in unit banking for both the balance and deposit.

If the transfer occurs more than 2 weeks in advance of the arrival date, the unit accepting the booking will be responsible for the balance. The original unit and the new unit will need to create a unit to unit transfer for the deposit amount (already applied and charged to the original unit making the booking).

Changes to Bookings

**NEW October 2016**

A booking modification may be accommodated based on availability. This modification could be a change in site or dates at the same camp. To make a change to your booking, email the Camping Administrative Assistant with your original date/site and the requested change.

If the booking modification is made 60 days or more in advance of the arrival date no additional charge will apply and rental is at the new site/building rate. Should a modification be requested less than 60 days in advance a booking fee of $25 per change will apply and the rental is at the new site/building rate.

NOTE: in the event that you need to cancel your rental less than 24 hours before it is scheduled to begin (after 4:15 pm on a Friday), please contact the Camping Administrative Assistant by phone at 1-877-323-4545 ext. 2468. In the event that you cannot reach the Camping Administrative Assistant by phone, please contact the camp directly. Camp contact information is available on each camp’s webpage via the SG. This will help prevent unnecessary travel by camp committee members or the property superintendent.

Check-in and check-out

Check-in and check-out times vary by facility. Specific times are provided in the booking confirmation message. Times are no early than 2 p.m. on Friday and no later than 2 p.m. on Sunday unless an alternative is arranged through the Camping Administrative Assistant.
Before leaving, groups must:

  • Lock all doors and windows and if applicable, gates
  • Ensure all stove elements and ovens are turned off and campfires are extinguished
  • Ensure all lights are turned off
  • Ensure all water taps and toilets are not left running
  • Ensure the thermostat temperatures are properly adjusted in accordance with directions provided by the property (if applicable)
  • In the event that the group leaves doors and/or windows open, they will be held liable for any damages that result as well as the cost associated with them.
Contracted space

At no time may groups enter a building or site they have not booked without prior authorization from the appropriate renter. In the event of an empty site, do not enter without prior authorization from the Camping Administrative Assistant. Groups may use outdoor areas as long as they do not disturb other renters. Under very rare circumstances external groups may be present at camp. These groups may be co-ed. Safe Guide - Males at Camp will be followed. 


The building or site booked should be left in the same condition that it was in at the time of arrival. Here are some tips to keep the building or site that’s been reserved in good condition:

  • Prevent any furniture, chairs, or benches from being dragged across the floors
  • Do not allow graffiti – graffiti is considered anything written on any piece of the property, including names and initials
  • Use bulletin boards to post signs
  • Do not tape, paste, glue or tack anything to walls
  • Pick up litter and dispose of it appropriate waste receptacles
  • Report any damage as soon as possible to the Camping Administrative Assistant.

The group will pay for the cost of any repair and/or replacement for damages incurred, over and above regular wear and tear. The repair/replacement fee will be calculated at full replacement value of items including installation costs.

Fire safety

Fire safety plans and procedures are specific to each property. Information is sent via e-mail as part of your confirmation message and is also provided at the property. This information should be reviewed as a group upon arrival at a property so all attendees are aware of what to do in the event of a fire.


No food is to be left at a property upon your departure, either in the refrigerators or in the cupboards. Keep grounds clear of scraps of food and keep waste receptacles covered so they don’t result in a fly or rodent problems. Food should be kept in covered containers. Food should never be stored in tents. Always wash your hands before handling food and before meals.

Furniture within buildings

Mattresses and other furniture should not be removed from or between any buildings.


Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council, nor its employees, assume any responsibility for equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged, brought into or left on the premises whether by permission or otherwise.

Males at camp

Males can only be present in accordance with Safe Guide’s policy surrounding males in Guiding.

Medications and health forms

Lockable containers are provided for medications at some properties. Follow Safe Guide instructions for storing medications. Keep health forms, medication, first aid kit and emergency vehicle keys together in safe place that is easily accessible to adults.

Nature preservation

The animals, snakes, birds and fish had their home at camp long before campers arrived. Please respect the privileges of all wildlife. Do not touch any bird or animal, dead or alive, at any time. Report any dead animals to the Camping Administrative Assistant. Please do not pick wild flowers, or cut or remove branches from live trees. Leave only your footprints. Take only your memories!


Pets are not allowed at any Girl Guides of Canada property and should be left at home. Service animals are not considered pets, and are permitted. Please submit all paperwork noting certification of the animal to upon submitting a booking request.


Phones are available for use at the property. It is recommended that renters bring a phone card or cell phone to make long distance calls to avoid being billed for the call (excluding property and Safe Guide emergencies).

Site visits

Site visits can be arranged by contacting the Camping Administrative Assistant.

Use of Tobacco and Cannabis

No adult member, GGC employee or non-member volunteer shall smoke or vape tobacco in the presence of girls at a GGC property or at a GGC activity or event. GGC strongly recommends that all GCC events be smoke-free.

Use of Cannabis

  • Cannabis edibles are never permitted on any GGC property or at any GGC activity due to the potential risk of them being eaten unintentionally by girls or any member or volunteer.
  • Consumption of non-prescription topicals, oils, sprays and any other cannabis product as well as smoking or vaping of non-prescription cannabis is not permitted at any time, at any location during activities that are planned primarily for girl members. For example, Guiders and non-member volunteers may not smoke cannabis even after the girls have gone to bed.
  • Responsible consumption of non-prescription topicals, oils, sprays and any other cannabis product as well as smoking or vaping of non-prescription cannabis is only permitted at activities planned primarily for adults, and may or may not include Rangers, such as banquets or trainings. If Sparks, Brownies, Guides or Pathfinders are present at adult activities, cannabis may not be consumed at any time.
  • Consumption of doctor prescribed cannabis is permitted medication that could have an impact on a supervisor’s ability to supervise girls must not be taken by those in a supervisory capacity (See Supervision Ratios for details about medication that could have an impact on a supervisor’s ability to supervise girls.) If consumption is through smoking it must not be smoked or vaped in the presence of girls.



Where speed signs are posted these must be respected at all times. Drive on established roads only. Use roads at your own risk. Do not park vehicles on roadways blocking passage for emergency access. Cars are allowed on campsites for loading and unloading, then should be parked in the main parking lot. Only one car may be left on the campsite for emergency purposes. During winter and spring months, roads may be closed due to poor conditions. In this case, groups are welcome to use toboggans and wagons to transport equipment. Snowmobiles and ATV’s are not permitted at any GGC-OC properties.

Washroom facilities

Put only toilet paper in toilets and latrines. Dispose of sanitary supplies in the appropriate receptacles. Other waste should be disposed of in waste bins. Hand-washing facilities are available at all washroom facilities. Hand-wash station, toilets and if applicable, showers should be cleaned and scrubbed daily.

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