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Windsor Guide House

For more information about the property, or for assistance with your booking, please contact the Camping Administrative Assistant by email or by phone at 1-877-323-4545 ext. 2468.

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Mississauga Girl Guide Centre

1563 Dundas St W, Mississauga, L5C 1E3

Availability Schedule

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Room Name

Room Location

Room Information

Rental Rates
The rates listed here are valid for GGC members only.
Weekday (8 a.m.-5 p.m.)  Weeknight (5 p.m.-11 p.m.)
Weekend (partial day)
Weekend (full day) 


Lower level

2 tables, carpeted floor.

 $44  $34  $34 $46


4 tables, 22 chairs, carpeted floor.

$49  $39  $39 $62


Reserved in conjunction with basement rooms. Counter space, sink, small fridge, microwave.

 -  -  -  -


Main floor, back

Open space, 2 tables, 19 chairs, carpeted floor.
Maximum 30 occupants.

 $49  $39 $39 $62

Resource Room & Library

Main floor

4 chairs and desk.

 - -  -  -
Brampton Main floor 8 tables, 40 chairs, carpeted floor $90 $72 $72 $106


Upper level, back

1 table with 6 tub chairs, loveseat, 2 living room chairs. Carpeted floor.

$23 $16 $16 $28


Upper level

Reserved in conjunction with upper level rooms. 1 table, 8 chairs, fridge, stove, microwave, sink, coffee maker.

 -  -  -  -


Upper level, front

10 tables, 22 chairs. Sliding partition with Oakville room. Carpeted floor.

$57 $49 $49 $90


Upper level, middle

6 tables, 18 chairs. Sliding partition with Mississauga room. Carpeted floor.

$49 $39  $39 $62

All floors are wheelchair accessible via ramp and elevator

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Windsor Guide House

5760 Malden Rd, LaSalle, N9H 1S2

Availability Schedule

SG. 4

Room Name

Room Location

Room Information

Rental Rates
The rates listed here are valid for GGC members only. 
Weekly (Monday at 7 a.m.-Friday at noon)  Weekend (Friday at 5 p.m.-Sunday at noon)  Day/Evening rentals (4 hours)  Day/Evening rentals (8 hours) 

Brownsea Isle

Back room

6 ten foot folding tables, 36 chairs for program activities or eating. Can accommodate up to 72 people at a time. 15 people may stay overnight.*

$150 + $5 per person per night  *$77 + $5 per person per night $49 for use of the building

For Guide Land only, $24 + $5 per person

$101 for use of the building

Crystal Palace

Front room SW

6 ten foot folding tables, 3 ten foot standard tables, 30 chairs for program activities or eating. Can accommodate up to 75 people at a time. 12 people may stay overnight (two within adjoining Olave Room).*

Guide Land


6 picnic tables and a fire pit. Can accommodate up to 10 tents overnight.*

Trefoil Room


Room is for sleepovers only. 16 people may stay overnight.

 $39 - Room can only be rented in conjunction with Brownsea Isle & Crystal Palace for sleepovers

The entire building sleeps up to 43 people, plus outdoor tent accommodation.
All levels of the building are wheelchair accessible from the outside of the building.
After a booking has been placed, the base fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable, but the per person and/or per night fee may be refunded.

All rooms share access to the following:

  • Three bathrooms
  • One shower
  • One kitchen with 1 stove, 2 refrigerators, 1 freezer, cutlery, pots & pans, dishes, dishwasher & dish powder
  • Brooms, floor dusters, wet mops and pails, and cleaning products for washing floors
  • TV and DVD player with instructions, parachutes (all within storage room)

Renters must provide:

  • Toilet paper, paper towels, dish towels, trash bags, dishwashing liquid, hand soap
  • If staying overnight, air mattresses or cots, sleeping bags
  • If camping outdoors, tents, pails, firewood, cooking utensils. Please do not use any of the utensils or pots & pans from the building for outdoor use.
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