e-Learning FAQs

Questions: Does the value of the e-Learning PIN need to be used all at one time?
Yes, the PIN cannot carry a balance (it works like a coupon – not a gift card). When you log on for the first time with the PIN, please ensure you are purchasing all the modules you wish to complete. For example, if the PIN has a $10.00 value, you must purchase modules at the beginning to equal $10.00. 

Can I re-use my PIN?
No, once a PIN has been used to purchase online training module(s), it is no longer valid and cannot be used again. If you wish to purchase more training modules, another PIN must be requested.

Does my e-Learning PIN expire?
Yes, all e-Learning PINs have an expiry date and this information is provided when a PIN is issued.

Do I have to complete an e-Learning module immediately after starting?
No, all courses have the option to bookmark and return. Certificates are issued when you complete the course. Please ensure you complete the module as Ontario Council is charged when the PIN is used. 

Do I require my iMIS (membership) number when creating my e-Learning account?
Yes, you do require your iMIS number when setting up your e-Learning account. Your iMIS number is provided to you when you are sent your e-Learning PIN.

Do I require my iMIS (membership) number when logging into e-Learning?
No, you do not require your iMIS number to log into your account.

How is my iMIS record updated once I complete the e-Learning training?
Your iMIS record will be automatically updated by the national office. This is done twice a month. However, it is recommended that you keep a copy of your certificate of completion for your files.

How do I know if my training is complete?
There are several ways you can confirm that you have successful completed your online training and they are as follows:
  1. Upon completion of your training you will receive an email confirmation indicating that you have completed the training and a link to your certificate of completion will be provided.
  2. Log into your e-Learning account and on the “Learner Home” tab, it will indicate the date you completed your training.
  3. Log into your e-Learning account and on the “Learner Reports” tab, click “Generate Report” (you do not need to enter in any dates or course names) and a list of your completed courses will appear.
Can I view/print my certificate of completion from my e-Learning account?

Yes, when in your e-Learning account:
  1. Click on the “Learner Reports” tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on the “Generate Report” button (you do not need to enter in any dates or course names).
  3. A list of the courses you have completed will appear.
  4. To view and/or print your certificate go to the far right of the course you wish to view and click on the “View” link.
  5. This will open to your certificate.
What if I do not receive the e-Learning certificate of completion?
If you do not receive your certificate automatically and you are certain that you completed the training, you can log into your account and access your certificate. If your certificate is not showing under your account, please contact the Learning Library and they will be able to resend your certificate to you.

Why is my certificate blank when I open it?
In order for your name and iMIS number to appear on your certificate, you must have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat on your computer. You can download Adobe for free. If you do not have Adobe when you try to print your certificate your name and iMIS number will be missing.

Can Guiders do an e-Learning module together as a group?
Yes, they can take the modules together at one computer. However, after the group has completed the module, adult members must log in with their own PIN and go to the beginning of the module and complete the scenarios and self-assessments. This will ensure that everyone receives their certificate and iMIS is updated.

I am using a computer to complete my training, but I am unable to load the training.
If you are using Safari or Internet Explorer as your browser you will need to update your browser to support Adobe Flash. Using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox work best when accessing the Learning Library.

Can I access e-Learning from my tablet or mobile device?
No – the Learning Library uses Adobe Flash and not all tablets and mobile devices support the Flash player. We strongly recommend completing the training on a computer using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

I have completed the PIN Request Form, however I am getting an error that the verification code has been entered incorrectly.
There could be a few reasons the verification code is not working. Please consider the following:
  • Our web forms are optimized for use on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you are using Safari or Internet Explorer, please try Chrome or Firefox.
  • When entering the verification code, only enter the black text to the right of the code box (do not include the shaded gray text).
If the problem persists, please email training.development@guidesontario.org with the name of the courses you are interested in taking.
7/13/2020 8:28:25 AM