Awards and Recognition Process

Girl Greatness Awards
Girl Award descriptions

Local Recognition Ceremony

A Local Recognition Ceremony is held by multi-units or a community to recognize achievement.


  • Ceremony must include the presentation of Canada Cord or Trail Blazer Leadership Award - Gold Award to eligible girl or youth members and may include other awards (noted below)
  • Must be girl-focused
  • Must be multi-unit
  • Must take place in the current Guiding year

Application Process for funding:

  • Local Recognition Ceremony Application for Funding form
  • The deadline to apply for funding for a 2018-2019 ceremony is February 28, 2019
  • Applicants will be notified of the approval by March 31, 2019
  • Note: There is a fixed amount of money available to fund these ceremonies. Once all the money has been allocated, no further applications will be accepted. Applications will be processed in order of date received. Only one funding request application per ceremony please.

Available funding:

Ontario Council will subsidize up to $75 for the cost of the venue and $10 per eligible award recipient.
The funding will not cover:
  • Canada Cord and Trail Blazer Leadership Award - Gold Award pins (unit expense)
  • Travel/mileage
  • Phone calls

Other awards may be presented at the ceremony, but funding is not provided for them. Some of these awards include: Lady Baden-Powell, Outstanding Youth Award, Bronze/Silver/Gold Merit Award, Medal of Merit, Ontario Award, Honorary Life Award, National GGC Awards, Recognition of Members with 50, 55, 60 plus years of membership.

Planning Tips for a local recognition ceremony:

Include girl members in the planning. Prompt with questions such as:
  • How many girls/units would you like to invite?
  • What theme should the ceremony have?
  • Where and when will it be?
  • How long will the ceremony be?
  • Who will we invite?


Part of the support provided at the provincial level includes requesting certificates from the Lieutenant Governor’s office, Premier’s office and the Prime Minister’s office for Canada Cord and Trail Blazer Leadership Award - Gold Award recipients. These certificates are mailed by the end of the calendar year. Inquiries about certificates can be made to

Invite Guest Speakers and Special Guests:

If you wish to invite your mayor or other local dignitary, then you are able to issue the invitation yourself. If you wish toinvite guests from the provincial or federal level e.g. MPP, MP, Lieutenant Governor, Governor General, etc. please contact the Executive Coordinator at before any approach is made as all contact must come from the Provincial Commissioner. You may also consider inviting a member of Ontario Council. To submit an invitation, complete the Council and Girl Forum Invitation.

Ceremony Crests:

A ceremony crest for each award recipient (girls and adults) will be sent to the ceremony planner two weeks prior to your ceremony date. When submitting your request for funding, you will be asked to verify how many crests will be required.

Include other members in your community:

Do you want contact information for units that are local to you? You can access some of this yourself by clicking on "My Roster" within MemberZone. There you will find a list of local units and their contact information. Do you want to include adult award recipients in your ceremony so that they can be recognized for their achievements? Contact for information regarding adult award recipients in your community.

Planning Tools:

These tools are for reference only, to assist you with the recommended items to consider when planning a ceremony.
Budget Template
Sample Format
Sample Program Template
Sample Speech Outline

Outstanding Youth Award

The Outstanding Youth Award recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of Rangers and Pathfinders who exemplify their dedication to Guiding and their community.


The Outstanding Youth Award is presented based on the following criteria:
  • The nominee is a registered member of Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council, at the Ranger or Pathfinder level
  • Displays exceptional leadership qualities within Guiding and in her community at large; enthusiastically brings her personal talents and skills to Guiding
  • Has demonstrated qualities of dedicated service to Guiding and her community
  • Lives by the ideals of the Guiding Promise and Law; is a positive role model with and out of Guiding; actively promotes Guiding and its benefits
  • Is well respected by her peers, Guiders and other members of the community
  • Has contributed significantly and has had a positive impact to her unit and community

Steps to complete a nomination:

Processing time: Please allow six to eight weeks
If a shorter processing time is being requested, please contact

Step 1: Go to Ontario Council’s online award nomination site and:
  • Create a user account (if you have not done so already)
  • Log in
Step 2: Complete application
  • Upload (in word format) letters of support describing the service to Guiding
  • Ensure that the presentation date is no sooner than six to eight weeks from the submission date.
Step 3: Submit application and letters (you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you used to create your user account).

Step 4: Your award application will be reviewed by the Awards Review Specialty Community volunteers.

Step 5: An email will be sent to you once your award has been approved.

Step 6: Upon approval of the award, a presentation package, including a pin purchased by Ontario Council, will be mailed to the nominator.

Step 7: Present award.

Youth Commitment Award

Youth Commitment Award

The list of Rangers eligible for the Youth Commitment Award will be generated from the iMIS records. Certificates are sent automatically in the Spring to the Ranger Contact Guider for presentation to all eligible members. No application is necessary. 


Letter of Commendation

Awards process for Letter of Commendation.

Team Award

Traditionally an adult award, however can be provided to a girl member. Process for Team award.

Gold Thanks Pin

Traditionally an adult award, however can be provided to a girl member. Process for Gold Thanks Pin.


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