Portage Over Poverty Scholarship

History: In 2010 the 2nd Kanata Rangers undertook the WAGGGS Challenge to assist in the eradication of poverty by implementing the “Portage Over Poverty” event. This event consisted of homemade canoes being portaged from Parliament Hill to downtown Ottawa as teams deciphered clues in a photo scavenger hunt. Each canoe team raised funds that were donated to the CWFF. The event was such a success that the girls continued to put forward the activity each year and raised a total of $6000 in three years. For the first two years, the funds were donated to the CWFF; for the third year, the funds were used to support Guiding units in northern Ontario and Nunavut.

The girls decided they would like to assist other Guiding members who may need help towards their goals for further education. In 2015 the Portage Over Poverty scholarship was founded.

Although Ontario Council will administer the scholarship, the criteria and selection will be done by the girls themselves.


  1. Applicants must be planning to attend junior college, college, technical school, university or recognized post-secondary private education facility
  2. Applicants must:
    a. Demonstrate their commitment to Guiding through their active involvement in Guiding.
        i. A reference from one of their Guiders who can attest to this commitment must accompany the application.
        ii. The Guider can be their current leader or someone else who has been their leader in the past 3 years of the time of application.
        iii. A reference from someone outside of Guiding is also required. This reference may be from a teacher, coach or friend who is familiar with your extracurricular activities and/or service to the community. The reference should be from someone with whom you have had contact in the last 3 years.
        iv. Neither reference can be from a family member.
        v. References will be used to clarify and/or support information provided in the application and/or video.
    b. Be currently registered in the Ranger program or in Trex in Ontario or Nunavut.
    c. Demonstrate how Guiding has influenced their lives and the goals they have chosen.
        i. A video must accompany the application with the applicant at minimum speaking to these criteria. The video must be a maximum of three minutes long and will not be viewed beyond three minutes if it is longer. The video must be put on Youtube as an unlisted video and the link sent with the application.
    d. Commitment to Community.
        i. A reference from one person who can attest to this commitment and achievements undertaken must accompany this application.
  3. The scholarship is conditional upon the acceptance and continuance in the program of the applicant's choice. Verification of acceptance will be required.
  4. Applications must be completed online.
  5. Applicants will be evaluated on criteria established for each category. Important submission information is included with the criteria. Applications will be screened by the 2nd Kanata North Rangers.
  6. Each award recipient must agree to have her name and photograph publicized. She must be prepared to promote the scholarship as requested.
  7. There will be two (2) scholarships awarded for a value of $1,000 each. The number of years this scholarship runs will be dependent on the length of the Portage Over Poverty fundraiser.

Evaluation Criteria: Applications must be received by the stated deadline and fully completed. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Only materials requested will be reviewed; extra information or material submitted will not be considered.

The applicant will be evaluated by the youth members of the 2nd Kanata North Rangers based on the content of their application.

Review the 2019 POP Scholarship Evaluation Criteria.

Timeline: Deadline for submission is April 1. Please email complete application package to: popscholarship@guidesontario.org.

The successful applicant will be presented at the Portage Over Poverty event each year if the applicants are able to attend. This event will be held at the end of April in Ottawa.

Only successful applicants will be notified.

How to Apply
Complete and submit the online Portage Over Poverty Scholarship Application.

Read about the 2016 scholarship recipients

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