Crest Identification

Did you know that the Ontario Archives has more than 2,500 crests identified and preserved?  

While most of these crests were produced in Ontario, some were produced by National or WAGGGS, but widely used by Ontario Guiders and girls. The crest collection records special events, Ontario Guide camps, challenges and cookie promotions, just to name a few.

There are about 200 crests that we cannot catalogue, because there is no information on the crest to indicate when it was produced or by whom.  

We need your help! Some of these mystery crests can be found below and we will be posting new crests monthly to see if anyone can help us with the identification. Ideally we would wish to know:

  • Who designed it?
  • What was the occasion?
  • Who produced it? (e.g., Area, Division, District, Committee, etc.)
  • What year it was produced?

Previous Mystery Crests - Thanks to Michelle, Amy, Pat, Darlene, Karen, Janet, Regan, Julie, Carol, Kelli, Doreen, Nikki, Penny, Christina, Nancy, Liz, Gaynor, Lyn and Sandy for contacting us with information to help identify our crests!

Current Mystery Crests


Crest #2 Crest #7 Crest #19
Crest #21
Girl Guides of Canada Unidentified crest 26
unidentified crest number 28
unidentified crest 29

Crest #26
Crest #28 Crest #29

If you can help us, please send your response to Diana DaRocha at noting the crest number.

Many thanks to all for helping us preserve our Ontario Guiding history!

8/11/2020 6:17:23 AM