Spark Instant Meeting - Planning Ahead

Resources for this meeting: Materials needed for this meeting:
  • Book – Scaredy Squirrel
  • Emergency survival kit (and additional non-kit items)
  • “Rescue My Pets” sign
  • Crayons/markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Review the definition of an emergency and the different types of natural emergencies. Tell the girls that there are things we can do to get ready just in case an emergency happens. One of the things our family should do is put together an emergency survival kit.An emergency survival kit has all of the things we would need to be safe and comfortable for three days.

Story – Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Walt

Read the book Scaredy Squirrel to the girls. Before starting, tell the girls that in the story, Scaredy has an emergency survival kit. Tell them to listen for the things that Scaredy has in his kit and see if they would put the same things in their kit. At the end of the story, review the items in the story.

Game – Survival Kit Relay Race

Put all of the survival kit items and a number of non-survival items in a pile. Tell the girls to imagine that were stuck in a dark room with no electricity. There are items in the pile that they would need to stay safe and be comfortable. There are other items that wouldn’t really help us. Divide the girls into two teams. Relay style, have a girl from each team run to the pile and pick one thing they think would belong in the emergency survival kit. When all of the girls are done, have them sit in a circle with their items. Put the leftover items in the middle along with a duffel bag.

Discussion – Emergency Survival Kit Contents

With the girls sitting in a circle, have each girl share what their item would be helpful for. After they have shared their item, have them place it in the duffel bag. Any items that don’t belong in the emergency survival kit can go in a pile beside the bag. After all of the girls have shared their items, talk about the items that were left behind and why they wouldn’t be good (e.g., bread – wouldn’t last, hair dryer – needs electricity).

Craft – Pet Emergency Survival Kit

Tell the girls that when we are making survival kits for our family, we also need to make one for our pets. Some of the things we put in our pet kit will be the same (e.g., food) and some will be different (e.g., leash). Provide the girls with markers/crayons, etc. complete the “Rescue My Pets sign”.

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