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The Youth Forum consists of up to 11 girl members that are between 14-17 years of age from across Ontario. These girls apply to participate and are selected to provide input to Ontario Council decisions. They are ambassadors in Ontario and may represent girl members in the media or at Guiding events.

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Frequently asked questions about Youth Forum

2019-2020 Youth Forum Members:

Rachel A.
Hey everyone, my name is Rachel and I am this year's Youth Forum Chair! I have been in Guiding for 13 years, all the way from Sparks through to Rangers. I am a Ranger from Waterloo (community 8) where I am Tye Dye Owl to a Brownie unit. I'm also an avid badge and crest collector… anything to commemorate a trip that can be sewn onto my blanket somehow always comes home with me. I love traveling in and outside of my Guiding life and I am so thankful for all the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities I have been able to experience through Guiding. And I'm grateful for technology so I can stay up to date with all my international friends! Outside Guiding, I am a croc-wearing lifeguard and in school full time. I am very excited this year to be able to represent the youth voice and help to make Guiding all about the girl! I love meeting new people and I would love to hear what you have to say about Guiding!

Ainsleigh K.
Hi, my name is Ainsleigh! I am 14 years old and in grade 9. I live in Guelph and I am in my third year of Pathfinders! I have been Guiding since my first year of Sparks. I can’t remember a year where I haven't been Guiding, but this year will be my first year on the Youth Forum. I love working with kids of all ages; I assist three dance classes for different aged groups of kids. I also lead a group for kids with special needs called Best Buddies, which is a program to help children with special needs make friends with their peers, while focusing on their similarities! I am an avid social activist and enjoy promoting equality for anyone and everyone. I have gone to Ecuador on a volunteer trip with ME to WE to build a school and a water filtration plant for indigenous communities. In my spare time, you can find me kayaking, swimming, climbing a tree or doing anything outdoors! Although this will be my first year on Youth Forum, I am very excited to bring new ideas and to be the voice of Girl Guides everywhere!

Charlotte V.
Hi! My name is Charlotte. I’m 14 years old and from Gatineau. I’m going into grade 9. This is my first year of Youth Forum. I’m in my third year of Pathfinders and my seventh year in Guiding. I’m in Lones. This summer, I’ll be going on an independent trip to Europe. I love camping and for the past two summers, I have spent about a month camping at Doe Lake Girl Guide camp. I’m also an athlete, and I participate in competitive trampoline. I enjoy volunteering at many different places, and I've contributed more than 100 hours of service over the past two years. I earned my Lady Baden-Powell award, as well as all the interest badges in Guides. This year, I’m planning on finishing my Canada Cord. Je suis aussi parfaitement bilingue et je vais à l’école en français! I'm very excited to be part of Youth Forum this year!

Emma A.
Hello! My name is Emma, and this will be my first year on Youth Forum. I am from Guelph (community 6), and this is my second year in Rangers. Although I've technically been in Guiding for only 12 years, I feel I've been in Guiding my entire life because many women in my family are involved in Guiding. This year I will be a unit assistant with Guides, and in the past I've volunteered with both Sparks and Brownies. I love camping, kayaking, and being outside in general. I'm looking forward to helping to voice the opinions of girls in Guiding!

Julia W.
Hi! My name is Julia, and this is my first year on the Youth Forum. This year, I’m going into my third year of Pathfinders, and my third year of Guiding as well. I live in Ottawa and am a grade 9 student in the gifted program at my school. I joined Guides in a later stage of life compared to many of my peers, at the Pathfinder level. I believe that the sisterhood of Guiding and the life lessons you learn in the program are invaluable. Guiding has taught me so much in the few years that I’ve been a member, and I love being able to volunteer and give back to the community through it. Outside of Girl Guides, I love figure skating, painting, playing and listening to music and spending time with my family and friends. I am someone who is passionate about mental health, LGBTQ+ rights, feminism and helping others. I'm super excited to work with everyone this year and to share my thoughts, opinions, and ideas along with those from Girl Guides across Ontario and Nunavut!

Eve D.
My name is Eve, and I'm a young Ottawa artist, passionate about law and protecting natural Canadian environments. I am a Junior Team Canada ambassador for Global Vision and a member of the Ontario and Nunavut Youth Forum for Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council. I also run a project called the Oddity Youth Arts Show, which aims to engage youth artists, female artists and at-risk youth.

Madeline F.
Hi, my name is Madeline! I am 16 years old and from Brampton. I am going into my seventh year of Guiding and my second year of Youth Forum, which I’m very excited about! Along with being in Rangers, I love being a Girl Assistant to a Spark and Brownie unit in my community and adventuring with my Trex unit. My favourite part about Guiding is the sisterhood. I have made such strong bonds with all the girls I've met here. Of course, I also love camping and everything to do with the outdoors. Outside of Guiding, I enjoy swimming, drama and playing with my cats. I can’t wait to see what’s to come this year!

Melanie W.
Hello, my name is Melanie. I am 16 years old and from Guelph. I am in my 12th year of Guiding and this is my first year on Youth Forum. I am a second year Ranger and help with a Brownie group in my community. One of my favourite things about Guiding is getting to meet new people and bonding with the girls in my group. I enjoy being outside and spending time with my two dogs and two cats. I am excited to see what the year brings.

Mia V.
Hi, I'm Mia! I'm 16 years old and currently living in Ottawa, where I am a member of one of the largest rainbow (multi-branch) units in Canada (12th Ottawa, whoop whoop!). Sticking with the same unit for almost seven years has made me realize and appreciate the strong sense of belonging that Girl Guides can provide for a girl, and that's one of the reasons I keep on coming back to Guiding no matter how crazy life may get. When I'm not out doing programming with Sparks or pitching tents, I can be found at the rowing club (my second home), or with my acapella group, singing my heart out. I can't wait to experience my first year with Youth Forum, and I'm so excited to see what the future holds!

Sarah P.
Hello! My name is Sarah, I am 17 years old and a third year Ranger from Richmond Hill. This is my eleventh year in Guiding and my first year on the Youth Forum! Girl Guides is very important to me. Some opportunities and experiences Guiding has given me include camping trips, making friends, going on a service trip to Ecuador and becoming a Junior Leader. I started as a Junior Leader working with a Brownie unit and have been helping plan and run activities for “Gotta Camp” (where I go by the name Maple) for the past three years. One thing that I am particularly grateful for is my Guiding family, who have helped build my confidence and make me who I am; I don’t know what I would do without them. Outside of Guiding you can find me reading or hanging out with my friends. I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing group and hope to make a difference in Guiding!

Victoria H.
Hi everyone! My name is Victoria and I am a second year Ranger from Oshawa. I’m also a Junior Leader for a local Guide unit. My favourite parts of Guiding are the fantastic opportunities, meeting new people and collecting crests. I love camping and have done many summer camps at Doe Lake and Adelaide. In summer 2019, I was lucky enough to go to Switzerland on a Nationally Sponsored Trip. Outside of Guiding, I love swimming, history and podcasts, and am passionate about environmental issues and LGBTQ+ rights. This will be my first year on the Youth Forum and I am so excited to be a part of it!
11/30/2020 2:30:02 AM