Youth Forum

The Youth Forum consists of up to 11 girl members that are between 14-17 years of age from across Ontario. These girls apply to participate and are selected to provide input to Ontario Council decisions. They are ambassadors in Ontario and may represent girl members in the media or at Guiding events.

To reach a Youth Forum member contact Rachel Collins, the Elected Member - Youth at Invite a Youth Forum Member to your event! Complete the Invitation Request form.

Frequently asked questions about Youth Forum

2018-2019 Youth Forum Members:

Emily M.
Hi! My name is Emily and I am from Ottawa. This is my first year on Girl Forum, and I am incredibly excited to get started. I am 15, have been involved in Guiding for eleven years and am going into my first year of Rangers. I received the Lady Baden-Powell award and my Canada Cord, which I just received last year. I have also completed the entirety of the Leadership Development Program at Camp Woolsey. I am very grateful to have Guiding in my life! Guiding has given me the confidence and inspiration to do and create things I would have never done before. Guiding has given me so much more than I could ever ask for, and without it I would not be who I am today. The majority of my best friends have all stemmed from Guiding! Away from Girl Guides, I am a huge social activist and get involved wherever I can, especially when it comes to women's empowerment. I am in my school's band but also enjoy playing music recreationally, especially guitar! I love reading; one of my favourite books is 1984 by George Orwell. Finally, I love creating art, especially through writing. I am absolutely thrilled to be on Girl Forum this year and can't wait to see what is in store!

Girl Guides Youth Forum MemberKristyn S.
Hello my name is Kristyn. I am 15 years old and live in Mississauga. This is my first year on Youth Forum. This year will also be my first year as a Ranger and my seventh year in Girl Guides. Last year I volunteered with an amazing Brownie unit which I hope to do again this year. I love everything about Girl Guides, especially the many different experiences that I have had which I wouldn’t have had without Guides. One of my favorite activities is camping with my unit. In Guides I earned my Lady Baden Powell and in Pathfinders I earned my Canada Cord. In addition to Guides I really enjoy Netflix, swimming, softball and the outdoors. This past summer I worked as a junior counselor at an outdoor day camp. I am honoured to be on this year’s Youth Forum and very excited for another amazing Guiding year.

Girl Guides Youth Forum MemberMeghan M.
Hi! My name is Meghan! I live in Caledon and do Guiding in Orangeville (community 6). I'm 14 years old, starting Grade 9, and am in my third year of Pathfinders. I'm also a helper in a Sparks unit. I’ve been in Guiding since Sparks, so 10 years! I earned all the Spark and Brownie badges, the Lady Baden Powell Award and am working towards my Canada Cord. Through Guiding I’ve learnt so many things and had so many opportunities. I was selected to go on the nationally sponsored trip this past summer to the international camp, IGGnite 2017 in Ireland, which was an amazing experience! My claim to fame is I’ve been a Cookie All Star for the past eight years, and this past year I sold over 80 cases as I’m currently fundraising for my trip to Our Chalet next year. I’m very passionate about travelling and learning about the world. Outside of Guiding, my hobbies include Postcrossing, nordic skiing, reading and working towards my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. I’m totally pumped to be on the Girl Forum this year and be involved in some awesome stuff!

Girl Guides Youth Forum memberKatelyn S.
Hi all, my name is Katelyn I am 16 years old and I am from community 21. I am a 2nd year Ranger and a TREX member. I am also a unit assistant to a very energetic Guide unit, although I do enjoy working with girls of all ages from Sparks to Pathfinders. I started out in Guiding as a Spark and I have been in Guiding for 11 years. My favorite parts of Guiding include the lifelong friends, the never-ending adventures from the camping trips (my favorite part of camping is the campfires), to traveling abroad (I have only been to our world center in London, but it is a goal of mine to get to visit all of our world centers someday) and the endless opportunities and life lessons. When I am not participating in Guiding events, I can be found reading, swimming (I hope to become a lifeguard one day!) or making pottery. This is my very first year on Girl Forum and I could not be more excited. I hope that by being part of the Girl Forum I can be a positive role model to other girls and have a chance to give back.

Girl Guides of Canada Ontario Council Girl Forum member EmalynEmalyn T.
Hi! My name’s Emalyn and I’m from Cambridge. This is my first year of Girl Forum, and I’m so excited! I’m going into my second year of Rangers and my 11th year of Guiding. I have earned my Canada Chord and Bronze Chief Commissioner’s Award and am currently working on my Silver. I’m am known in my unit for always planning things really detailed. I love traveling, singing around campfires and trying new things. Outside of Guiding, I enjoy playing in musical ensembles, reading and hanging out with my friends.

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