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The Youth Forum consists of up to 11 girl members that are between 14-17 years of age from across Ontario. These girls apply to participate and are selected to provide input to Ontario Council decisions. They are ambassadors in Ontario and may represent girl members in the media or at Guiding events.

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2018-2019 Youth Forum Members:

Girl Guides of Canada Ontario Council Girl Forum member EmilyEmily M. (Chair)
Hi! My name is Emily (also known as Luna) and I am the Chair of Youth Forum for the 2018-19 year. I am 16, from Ottawa, and have been involved in Guiding for twelve years. I am immensely grateful to have Guiding in my life! Guiding has given me the confidence and inspiration to do and create things I would have never done before. I love going camping with my unit at Camp Woolsey, and enjoy working there in the summer as a camp counsellor. I also am a Girl Assistant and attend many multi-branch events in my community. Away from Girl Guides, I am a huge social activist and get involved wherever I can, especially when it comes to women's empowerment, LGBT rights, and mental health destigmatization and awareness. I also love computer programming and came first place in a provincial coding competition on an all-female team! I am in my school's band, but also enjoy playing music recreationally, especially guitar. I am absolutely thrilled to be on Youth Forum for a final year and can't wait to see what is in store!

Girl Guides of Canada Ontario Council Girl Forum member AmberAmber A.
Hi! My name is Amber, I'm 16, in grade 11, and this is my first year on Youth Forum. I live in Mississauga, and this is my 12th year in Guiding. I'm in a Ranger unit and a member of Trex, and act as a Girl Assistant to a wonderful unit of Guides. Girl Guides has provided me with so many fantastic experiences, from making amazing friends, to visiting new places. (My Trex unit went to Pax Lodge this past summer!) I'm incredibly grateful for my leaders, Guiding friends, and my family, who've all helped me become the strong woman I am today. I'm a social activist, and I'm passionate about mental health and LGBTQ+ rights. In my free time, I enjoy doing taekwondo, crosswords, and listening to music (specifically Taylor Swift and Panic! at the Disco). I love Harry Potter, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and my dog, Piper. I'm so grateful to be a part of Youth Forum, and I'm excited to see what this year has in store!

Girl Guides of Canada Ontario Council Girl Forum member EmEm T.
Hi! My name’s Em and I’m from Cambridge, which is in Community 8. I am returning for my second year of Youth Forum after an amazing time last year! It has opened up so many opportunities for me, such as being on The Hub, the planning committee for LEAP 2019. I am in my third year of Rangers. I'm in Lones, so I feel it is important to advocate for voices of other Lones, and for those in smaller communities. Most of my free time is consumed by LEAP planning, where I am currently working on developing programming, from a girl focused point of view! Outside of Guiding, I can be found kayaking, gardening, or doing anything outdoors!

Girl Guides Youth Forum member KatelynKatelyn S.
Hi all, my name is Katelyn, I am 17 years old and from community 21. I am a 3rd year Ranger and Trex member. I am also a Girl Assistant to an amazing Guide unit, although I do enjoy working with girls of all ages, from Sparks to Pathfinders. I started out in Guiding as a Spark and have been in it ever since. My favorite parts of Guiding include the people, never-ending adventures like camping trips (my favorite part of camping is the campfires), traveling abroad, and the opportunities and life lessons. This is my second year on Youth Forum and I am also part of the LEAP HUB (planning committee), and absolutely love it! Last year was phenomenal, and I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

Girl Guides Youth Forum Member KristynKristyn S.
Hello my name is Kristyn. I am 16 years old and a second year Ranger from Mississauga. This is my second year on Youth Forum and my 8th year in Girl Guides. I have been volunteering with an amazing Brownie unit for the past 3 years, which I enjoy very much. I love everything about Girl Guides, especially the many different experiences that I have had which I wouldn’t have had without Guides. Last summer I got to go on an international trip with my unit to Pax Lodge, which was definitely a dream come true. One of my favorite activities is camping with my unit, which we do very often. In addition to Guides I really enjoy Netflix, swimming, and the outdoors. I am looking forward to another great year on Youth Forum.

Girl Guides of Canada Ontario Council Girl Forum member LexieLexie M.
Hi! My name is Lexie. I’m 14 and I’m a 1st year Ranger. My unit is in Ottawa and I’m a part of Community 27. This will be my 8th year as a member of Guiding. So far I have earned my Lady Baden Powell award and last year I earned my Canada Cord. This will be my first year as a member of Youth Forum and I'm very excited! So far I’m really enjoying it. Outside of Girl Guides, I’m an Honour Roll student and I’m very passionate about mental health, feminism, and activism. I hope to be able to help represent these things in Youth Forum this year.

Girl Guides of Canada Ontario Council Girl Forum member LinneaLinnea L.
Hi! My name is Linnea, I'm 14 years old, and I'm from Toronto! This is my seventh year of guiding and my first year of Youth Forum. This year I'm going into my third year of Pathfinders, and going on an international trip to Switzerland and Italy. I got my Lady Baden Powell Award in guides and I'm working towards getting my Canada Cord this year. I'm really excited to be a part of Youth Forum and to represent the voices of girls in Guiding!

Girl Guides of Canada Ontario Council Girl Forum member MaddieMadeline F.
Hi, my name is Madeline! I am 15 years old and from Brampton. I am going into my 6th year of Guiding and my first year of Youth Forum, which I’m very excited about! Along with being in Rangers, I love being a Girl Assistant to a Spark and Brownie unit in my community and adventuring with my Trex unit. My favourite part about Guiding is the sisterhood. I have made such strong bonds with all the girls I've met here. Of course, I also love camping and everything to do with the outdoors. Outside of Guiding, I enjoy swimming, drama, and playing with my cats. I can’t wait to see what’s to come this year!

Girl Guides Youth Forum Member MeghanMeghan M.
Hi! My name is Meghan and this is my second year on Youth Forum. I live in Caledon and do Guiding in Brampton (community 15). I'm 15 years old, in grade 10, and in my first year of Rangers. I'm also a Girl Assistant in a Sparks unit. I’ve been in Guiding since Sparks, so 11 years! I earned all the Spark and Brownie badges, the Lady Baden Powell Award, and my Canada Cord. Through Guiding I’ve learned so many things and had so many opportunities. I was selected to go on the nationally sponsored trip to the international camp, IGGnite 2017 in Ireland, which was an amazing experience! Since then, I've become a big traveler. I went to Our Chalet this past summer and am fundraising for more trips to Mexico, Costa Rica, and England. Last year, I was the 3rd top cookie seller in Canada which I worked very hard for!! I sold 142 cases and this year I'm planning to top it. Outside of Guiding, my hobbies include Postcrossing, knitting, nordic skiing, and reading. I also earned my bronze Duke of Edinburgh award and am currently working towards my Silver. Youth Forum last year was so much fun and I'm so excited for this upcoming year!!

Girl Guides of Canada Ontario Council Girl Forum member RachelRachel A.
This is my power pose!! Hey, My name is Rachel. I am super excited to be part of Youth Forum this year!! I am from Waterloo (community 8). I am a third-year Ranger and I have been involved in Guiding since Sparks, for a total of 13 years! I am a Girl Assistant for a Brownie unit, who I love. I cannot wait until I’m a Guider!!! I am an AVID Badge and crest collector ... I always have swaps and love expanding my blanket! I am super into history and exploring the heritage of Girl Guides. I am super excited for my international trip this summer to England and Charnwood (international Scout camp)! Outside of Guiding, I am a lifeguard and enjoy being in the outdoors. I consider myself a camping guru and one with nature. I can lead campfire off the top of my head! #crocs for life! Ever since I did an exchange to Japan in July 2017, I’ve had the travel switch flipped on. I can’t wait to explore this world. I hope to study aviation or outdoor recreation in the future. I will always carry the guiding spirit with me wherever I go, and I hope that, with Youth Forum, I can be an activist for all girls in guiding by making sure their opinions are heard.

Girl Guides of Canada Ontario Council Girl Forum member RobynRobyn F.
Hey! My name is Robyn, I’m 15 and am a first year member of the Ontario-Nunavut Youth Forum. I represent a small town in community 25. Guiding is important to me because it allows me to have more opportunities than I would otherwise. I enjoy working with girls of all ages and doing my best to make guiding a happy and positive space for everyone. Outside of guiding I enjoy dancing and swimming. I’m currently working to get my NLS so I can lifeguard at my local pool. I’m very excited to be on this year’s youth forum, and hope I’ll be able to help make the changes Guiding needs!
8/24/2019 11:28:55 PM