Ontario Advisers

Toll Free Telephone Number: 1-877-323-4545 + extension
Toronto Direct Line: 416-926-2351 + extension

Joan Woodland and Jenny Davey

Archives Advisers
Gathering and preserving the documents and artifacts that record more than 100 years of Guiding history in Ontario.

Camping and Outdoors Adviser
Resource on all types of camp programming and water activities. Safe Guide issues as they pertain to camping and outdoor activities.

Jan Hester
Community Guider Adviser
 Works with all Community Guiders

Barbara Cook
Cookie Adviser, ext. 6804
Promotes cookie sales in Ontario and responds to cookie related questions and concerns.

Marcia Powers-Dunlop
Girl Protection Adviser, ext. 6808
Liaison for Girl Protection issues.

Kris McGee and Denise Buchel-Rainford
co-International Advisers
Advice for planning independent international trips and the application process in Ontario for provincial selection for nationally-sponsored trips.

Marcia Powers-Dunlop
Training Adviser, ext. 6808
Liaison with Trainers in Ontario. Identifies need and ensures training in Ontario meets the needs of adult members.

Link Adviser
Promotes and encourages membership in Link; works with Link members to keep them informed and engaged in Ontario Guiding.

Chelsea Lehner
Membership Registration and Retention Adviser

Jane Taft
Public Relations and Communications Adviser
Works on public relations and communications

Elise Sine, ext. 6806
Program Resources Adviser
Provides advice on the development and implementation of both core programs and supplemental activities for each branch and makes program-related resources available to Guiders.

Liz Lovis
Safe Guide Adviser
Oversight of Safe Guide process and assessors in Ontario. Directs questions/concerns regarding Safe Guide process in Ontario and general Safe Guide questions from Guiders.

Chris Stevenson
Trefoil Guild Adviser
Works with all Trefoil Guilds to keep them informed about opportunities.

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