Our History - 1970-1989

In 1970, Guiding members in Ontario sold over one million boxes of cookies. At this time, a box of Girl Guide cookies in Ontario was sold for $0.50. The amazing success of these cookie sales helped, and continues to help, fund Guiding activities such as camping, international trips, and Rally Days.

In 1973, the first Aggie was held. Aggie was an annual gathering for Senior Branches that included a training component and a theme. Mable Anderson saw a need for an annual event for the older girls and initiated these gatherings in London, Ontario. Initially, Aggie was called Spring Festival but the name was changed in honour of Agnes Baden-Powell. A large doll was brought to these events and dressed according to the theme. Aggie and her extensive wardrobe currently reside in the Ontario Council Archives.

The Pathfinders branch was introduced in 1979 for girls 12-16. This resulted in the restructuring of the age groups for the other branches.

In 1988, National Council recognized the need for a Guiding branch for younger girls. As with Air Rangers, Ontario was the test group for this new branch of girls. At the time, the branch was unnamed and referred to as “5”s. The success of the branch led to its national launch the next year on January 3 with the branch name Sparks. The first Sparks group was in Stoney Creek.

Joan Beckley and Aggie at the “Through  the Time Warp” Aggie, 1985.

Launch of the Sparks program in Hamilton, 1989. 

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