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Classic Summer Overnight Camp Programs

Explorers En Francais
Try It! Explorers

Specialty Summer Overnight Camp Programs

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Typical Day at Camp

Explorers (girls born 2004-2011) at Adelaide, Doe Lake, Woolsey and Wyoka

This classic camp program offers a wide selection of activities focused on helping a girl be everything she can be. We blend group and individual challenge-by-choice activities to ensure a great overnight camp experience. Girls participate in water-based activities like swimming, boating and playing on a water trampoline. They will join in games, try archery and sing at campfires, make great camp crafts and just spend time in the great outdoors. We are pleased to offer Explorers programs that allow girls to sleep (and giggle, sing and tell stories) in tents or stay in an indoor setting. Please select the type of accommodation during the application process. While our Explorers camps are offered to girls of mixed age groups, your camper's program activity schedule and sleeping room/tent will be with girls of a similar age.

Explorers En Francais (girls born 2004-2009) at Woolsey
Explorers En Francais is a bilingual camp experience offering the same blend of activities found in Explorer programs. Girls will be encouraged to participate by speaking French during the day but English will be spoken during all camp meals and activities that are integrated with other overnight campers.

Try it! Explorers at Adelaide (girls born 2007-2013) and Woolsey (girls born 2004-2013)

These shorter week programs are a great opportunity for girls to test out the summer camp experience! Campers visit camp for a few days and see what the Explorers program is all about. Due to popular demand, we have expanded this program to include additional weeks.

Compass at Doe Lake and Woolsey (girls born 2002-2004) and Wyoka (girls born 2002-2005)

Compass campers choose their own direction! When campers come together on their first night of camp, they will collectively choose a course of adventure for the week. Perhaps a paddle to an island for a lunch and an afternoon swim? Maybe a 24-hour survival adventure solving problems together or spending some extended time in the craft hut? There will also be some opportunities for the girls to choose which activity they would like to participate in individually. As older campers, they learn the responsibility of choice and have an opportunity to build strong bonds through shared experiences.

Specialty Summer Overnight Camp Programs


These specialized camps are available to Guide and Pathfinder-aged campers (born 2004-2009). Campers will participate in a minimum of two activity blocks per day focusing on their program specialty while also incorporating some of our classic camp activities into their week! Check out our different Adventurers programs below!

Arts Adventurers (girls born 2004-2009) at Adelaide, Doe Lake, Woolsey and Wyoka.

Express yo’self! Arts Adventurers gives your camper the freedom to discover and nurture their interests with a wide range of artistic activities. Campers are immersed in an imaginative environment that will inspire and develop their creative passions. For up to four hours a day, girls may explore:

  • Drama: Storytelling, role playing, improvisation, theatre games, developing characters and using voice and movement.
  • Photography: A sampling of digital photography techniques and photo composition through various projects including nature, portrait and candid shots (we provide the cameras).
  • Visual Arts: sculpture, painting, printmaking and drawing.

Photography Adventurers (girls born 2004-2009) at Adelaide, Doe Lake, Woolsey and Wyoka

This program focuses primarily on seeing beauty through the lens. This program is designed to help campers use the camera to 'see' the environment around them. Campers will learn how to use the camera as an effective means of capturing images and portraying concepts. We teach campers how to communicate these ideas to others and to understand the technical skills behind the art of a photograph. Campers will participate in the Summer Camp Roberta Bondar Challenge which aims to help campers develop a lifelong affinity for both the joy of photography and a love of nature. We provide the cameras at camp for this program. Campers may bring their own camera, but we are not responsible for lost or damaged equipment

Horseback Riding Adventurers (girls born 2004-2009) at Doe Lake and Woolsey

Giddy up! This program is so popular we have added extra weeks! Perfect for girls new to riding to learn all about horses or for experienced riders looking to expand their skills. Our stables start with the basics; teaching campers about stable management and grooming but also providing ample opportunities for campers to ride! Campers will be fully involved in the riding program for four out of five weekdays of camp (one weekday is spent back at camp participating in classic camp activities). This program is offered away from our main camp site and campers will travel in a camp van/bus to the privately-owned stable. Our horseback riding providers have minimum age standards and require their own waivers. Capacity is limited so apply early!

Ropes and Walls Adventurers (girls born 2004-2006) at Wyoka and (girls born 2002-2006) at Doe Lake

Girls who like a challenge will love this adventurous camp week! Each day is spent having fun while climbing the vertical playground or on our low and high ropes courses and climbing walls. Some of these are solo challenges while others are team challenges. Through physical adventure, initiative and trust activities, girls will develop stronger leadership skills and set personal goals, all while up to 30 feet in the air. Campers in this program learn about the types of knots used in climbing sports and are taught the basics of belaying. There will be lots of time to enjoy other classic camp activities during the week. We offer an introductory course at Camp Wyoka and advanced course at Doe Lake. The introductory course is not a prerequisite for the advanced course, but skills will be built on utilizing the expanded elements at Doe Lake like rappelling! It is up to the family to determine which level is best for the camper.

Surf and Sail Adventurers (girls born 2002-2006) at Doe Lake

This exhilarating two week program is popular with campers that wish to spend half their time (or more!) on the water. The first week focuses on providing sailing instruction and the next focuses on board sailing/wind surfing. Our instructors balance theory with plenty of hands on instruction and lots of practice! Beautiful Doe Lake offers consistent wind for learning to sail in a safe, supportive and sheltered environment. Campers will be given the opportunity to try stand-up paddle boarding and test out paddling skills in canoes and kayaks. What could be better than feeling the breeze off the water on a beautiful summer day?

Waterfront Adventurers (girls born 2004-2009) at Adelaide, Doe Lake, Woolsey and Wyoka

Make the beautiful camp waterfront your home for the week! Ready, set, bounce, splash, dip, dip and swing. This program allows campers to spend half their time both in and on the water. Activities include: swimming, bouncing on a water trampoline, stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking and joining in water games. The program includes a special day trip paddle away from camp. Girls will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of land or arts based classic camp activities too!

Wilderness Adventurers (girls born 2004-2009) at Adelaide, Doe Lake, Woolsey and Wyoka

At this specialty camp, girls will enjoy the great outdoors and experience the joy of their surroundings. Campers will put their adventurer skills to the test as they learn to plan and participate in an overnight tent excursion on camp property. Supported by counselors who are passionate about the great Canadian outdoors, campers will experience hiking, outdoor cooking, shelter building, fire lighting, knot tying and more. This program is an excellent base program for campers who are looking to try the Canoe Voyageurs programs in future years.

Canoe Voyageurs

What better way to explore Ontario than in a canoe! Canoe tripping at a Girl Guide camp is a great way to experience Ontario’s wilderness. Our qualified, trained and experienced camp staff members are ready and excited to head out on these travelling adventures with your girls. We offer trips for the novice and the experienced camper.

Special equipment lists can be found in our Parent and Camper Handbook (coming soon)..
Please note, we reserve the right to alter routes.

Three Day Canoe Voyageurs (girls born 2002-2006) at Doe Lake

This is a one-week program which includes a three day canoe trip. Campers will learn basic canoe tripping skills in a fun and interactive manner. Our experienced camp staff will provide campers with the training needed prior to heading out and while on the journey. This is a great introductory program with a route steeped in Doe Lake camp tradition. Paddle the beautiful lake for three days with two overnights in tents on wilderness sites Reazin Island and Heroka, which are remote parts of Doe Lake camp property. This program will provide an excellent base to springboard into any of our longer canoe voyageur programs.

While on the trip girls will be self-sufficient and will not be returning to main camp until completion of the trip.

Six Day Canoe Voyageurs (girls born 2002-2006) at Doe Lake 

This is a terrific two week program which includes a six day canoe trip. Tour the Algonquin Park wilderness in the most traditional way of exploration: in a canoe! Building on the skills developed on shorter canoe trips, this six day trip is a great skill and confidence builder. Campers will spend five nights in tents on reserved Algonquin Park sites and continue to become more independent in their meal and equipment packing as they go. Daily paddles will be a bit longer and portaging between lakes and the routes are more difficult than the shorter canoe trips. The experience requirement is two consecutive nights/three days on canoe trips and sleeping in a tent.

Ten Day Canoe Voyageurs (girls born 2002-2005) at Doe Lake

This wonderful two week program includes a ten day canoe trip. Solidify your tripping skills by immersing yourself in canoe tripping! Campers will only be at camp for a day before they head out on their long adventure. The length of this trip allows for a richer experience, venturing deep into areas where only canoes can travel in Algonquin Park. The beauty of sunrises and sunsets will be framed by the majestic trees and calm waters. Friendships made on these longer trips are life long and the stories and adventures are many! The experience requirement is five consecutive nights/six days on canoe trips, sleeping in a tent.

Leadership Development Programs (LDP)

Our Leadership Development Programs (LDP) are built on Choice, Voice and Action. Experienced and passionate staff work with campers on a program that will include challenge by choice activities, encouraging them to find their own voice and take action. We strive to build resiliency, open mindedness and confidence. Our programs are designed to ensure a girl is everything she can be! Campers will find their LDP experience will help them in Guiding and beyond. While each level of this program can be a standalone leadership experience, it can also be the starting point. for campers who will build on skills obtained from the previous level. It is not necessary to take one as a prerequisite to another. Choose from varying lengths of programming from one to four weeks at camp (based on age range).

For their participation in an LDP program, each camper will complete volunteer hours. Their service at camp is a way of contributing to the camp community. Your camper will be given documentation at the end of her camp program which she can provide to her high school in September. These hours may count towards your campers' mandatory school volunteer requirements, however that is at the discretion of each school board.

We make sure that girls also have fun at camp by giving them time to participate in traditional camp activities in our beautiful natural surroundings. Learn more about the activities.

Leadership Development Program (LDP 1) One Week (girls born 2004-2006) at Camp Woolsey (day camp or overnight)

Based on the Girl Guides values, this program is a great way for girls to learn about their leadership strengths and develop new skills. Under the supervision of our experienced leadership staff, campers will:
  • Investigate leadership styles and study what makes an effective leader
  • Continually receive guidance and mentoring from our leadership staff
  • Put their learning into practice as they spend time working with younger campers through a "Big Sister/Little Sister" mentorship program during a few activity sessions
  • Learn to plan and assist with the delivery of larger events like a camp-wide game or a showcase
  • Earn five volunteer service hours

Leadership Development Program Two Weeks (LDP 2) (girls born 2004-2005)at Adelaide, Doe Lake and Woolsey

Campers will continue to learn about different areas of leadership and how to work well with others. Campers will:
  • Participate in large group leadership tasks, observe the leadership styles of camp staff members and assist in leading activities for younger campers
  • Continually receive guidance and mentoring from our leadership staff, working on personal development through self-reflection and journaling
  • Work one-on-two with younger campers through a "Big Sister/Little Sister" mentorship program, helping her "sisters" adjust to overnight camp
  • Earn eight volunteer service hours
Please note: girls in this program do not have an option of going home or being visited at camp on weekends.

Leadership Development Program Three Weeks (LDP 3) (girls born 2003-2004)at Adelaide, Doe Lake and Woolsey

This program focuses on differing styles of leadership and how to effectively communicate with various audiences to ensure success. Campers will:
  • Play a role in all camp activities and assist with delivery of these larger scale programs (with up to 100 participants)
  • Continually receive guidance and mentoring from our leadership staff, working on personal development through self-reflection and journaling
  • Have opportunities to work one-on-two with younger campers through a "Big Sister/Little Sister" mentorship program, spending time with her 'sisters' and attending a sleepover with her 'little sisters' while at camp
  • Perform duties of an Assistant Instructor, working closely with an Activity Facilitator to assist program sessions in all disciplines available at the camp; Land, Water, Ropes and Arts
  • If instructors are available we may offer girls the chance to earn swimming and first aid certifications at camp
  • Earn 15 volunteer service hours
Please note: girls in this program do not have an option of going home or being visited at camp on weekends.

Leadership Development Program Four Weeks (LDP 4) (girls born 2002)at Doe Lake, Woolsey and Wyoka

In this one-month long leadership program, girls are encouraged to discover their full potential while passing along the skills, confidence and qualifications to enhance their leadership capabilities in a camp setting. The LDP 4 program focuses on skills required for leading children, including specific instructional skills in many different program areas. Girls will be given many opportunities to practice their growing leadership abilities with campers, including:
  • Continually receive guidance and mentoring from our leadership staff, working on personal development through self-reflection and journaling
  • Plan a camp-wide program for a large mixed group of campers (up to 100 participants) and implement the rules, activities, safety considerations and timing of the activity as well as a debrief afterwards
  • Perform duties of a Junior Camp Counselor, working with a group of campers, helping girls and staff with all aspects of daily camp life
  • Perform duties of an Assistant Instructor, working closely with a staff member to assist in the program sessions in all disciplines available at the camp; land, water, ropes and arts. LDP campers perform duties of a Lead Instructor, working closely with a staff member to lead program session offered at camp
  • A two night introductory canoe trip adventure to a wilderness campsite allowing the group to bond as a group away from the influences of our busy summer camp
  • Earn 40 volunteer service hours
Campers in this program are required to return home for one weekend during their month at camp (following their second week). Busing will be provided free of charge for this “go home” time at camps that have a busing option. There are no other visiting opportunities while your camper participates in LDP 4.

Awesome In-Between Weekends (girls born 2002-2011) at Adelaide, Doe Lake, Woolsey and Wyoka

Campers can seamlessly link two different programs together (minimum one week programs) to extend their stay at camp over the weekend and save the trip home! Campers registered for two separate, consecutive camp programs are able to apply. For example, a camper could attend an Explorers program on week one then stay for the In-Between Weekend, then attend an Adventurers program for week two. The awesome adventure begins right after the first week of camp closes. Weekend activities differ by camp but could include visiting a local festival or a sunset boat ride around Doe Lake. While out and about, there could be a quest for a cool summer treat like ice cream. Time is set aside to do laundry, shower and get organized for our new week of camp. Please note – in order to stay for the extended weekend, your camper needs to register for two separate consecutive camp programs (this does not include Mom and Me or Family Camps). Visits are not permitted during this time.

Typical Day at Overnight Camp

Typical Day at Overnight Camp
7:15 a.m. Good Morning! Wake Up, Self Care, Get Dressed, Pack for Morning Activities
8:00 a.m. Breakfast
9:00 a.m. Activity Session #1
10:30 a.m. Snack
10:45 a.m. Activity Session #2
12:30 p.m. Lunch
1:30 p.m. Rest Time
2:30 p.m. Activity Session #3
4:00 p.m. Snack
4:15 p.m. Activity Session #4: Quick Picks
Campers get to choose their own activity from a variety of options which change daily.
6:00 p.m. Supper
7:30 p.m. Evening Program
8:45 p.m. Site time, Snack Time, Prepare for Bed
10:00 p.m. Lights Out!
This schedule provides a general outline for a typical day at overnight camp. Day Camp will be similarly structured, barring early morning/evening activities. The schedule may differ slightly, depending on the specific camp, week, program and/or weather.

Below is a list of activities your camper may participate in during her time at camp.
General Activity List by Age Group
Sparks & Brownies
Archery Archery Archery
Boating (Canoe Rides) Canoeing Canoeing
Crafts #1 Climbing Wall/Silo or
 Initiative Tasks**
Climbing Wall/Silo or
 Initiative Tasks**
Crafts #2 Crafts Crafts
Drama Fine Arts Fine Arts
Low Ropes or Initiative Tasks* Geocaching Geocaching
Outdoor Skills Kayaking High Ropes, Low Ropes or Site Selection #1†
Swim #1 Outdoor Skills Kayaking
Swim #2 Swim Nature Photography
Site Selection #1 Site Selection #1 Swim
Site Selection #2 Site Selection #2 Sailing or Site Selection #2††
*Low Ropes at Adelaide, Doe Lake and Wyoka; Initiative Tasks at Woolsey
**Climbing Wall/Silo at Doe Lake and Wyoka; Initiative Tasks at Adelaide and Woolsey
†High Ropes at Doe Lake and Wyoka; Low Ropes at Adelaide; Site Selection #1 at Woolsey
††Sailing at Doe Lake and Stand Up Paddleboarding at Woolsey; Site Selection #2 at Adelaide and Wyoka
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