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What is Try Now, Join Later?

Try Now, Join Later is Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council's program that lets girls experience the joys of what it's like to be a member of Guiding, the original activity-based organization for girls, in the months of April May and June -- all without paying any membership fees. Since 2011, more than 6,500 girls across Ontario have participated in our Try Now, Join Later Program.

Why do you let girls come to meetings without paying membership fees?

This program is our way of letting your daughter/ward "try before you buy". We're so confident that your daughter/ward will love attending unit meetings as a "visitor" so much, that she'll want to join us as a member in the new fall Guiding year that starts in September! And if she doesn't, as a parent, you've had the chance to give your daughter/ward exposure to our wonderful, enriched Girl Guide programming, and make friends with other girls her age in the community – all without paying a membership fee.

You know those 6,500 girls we mentioned above? Over 4,200 of them ended up registering as members for the next Guiding year, after participating in Try Now, Join Later in the spring. We sincerely hope that your daughter/ward will love our program that much, too!

When can girls attend Guiding meetings through Try Now, Join Later?

We welcome non-member girls to visit a Guiding unit in their community during the months of April, May and June. Your daughter/ward can "try" Guiding in these months, to see if it's something she would like to register for as a member when our new Guiding year starts in September.

How old do girls need to be to register for this program?

Girls ages 5-17 are invited to register to participate in Try Now, Join Later. When we process your daughter/ward's registration information, we will check to ensure that there's a participating Guiding unit with girls her age, where she can experience the joys of Guiding this spring.

Why should I consider registering my daughter/ward?

Try Now, Join Later is a fantastic way to introduce your daughter/ward to the joys of Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada, the original, activity-based organization for girls. She can have fun, meet new friends and enjoy our enriching programming – without any obligation. As her parent, you pay no membership fees – you're just giving your daughter/ward an amazing opportunity to try Guiding. It's an opportunity that could be one of the most important of her life, if she decides to become a full member and enjoy all the many benefits of being part of our wonderful, globally-linked organization for girls and women.

As an added bonus, by registering your daughter/ward now for Try Now, Join Later, she will be given priority renewal for the 2018-2019 Guiding year, before registration begins in late spring.

Why do so many parents want their girls to be members of Girl Guides of Canada?

We don't mean to brag – but we make a positive difference in the life of every girl who experiences Guiding! Girl Guides of Canada offers the widest range of any extra-curricular activity for girls and young women. For more than 100 years, Girl Guides of Canada has been the leading organization dedicated solely to girls, offering fun and relevant programming to more than 7 million girls across Canada. We offer a safe, inclusive, all-girl environment that invites girls to challenge themselves, find their voice, meet new friends and make a difference in the world.

Here's just a brief overview of the world of adventure and opportunity that opens to girls, when they become members of Girl Guides of Canada. We help girls:

  • Make new friends
  • Make a difference in the world
  • Learn new and fun things
  • Develop their own identity
  • Discover their skills and talents
  • Gain confidence and experience
  • Participate in service projects that give back to the community and the world
Each Guiding program year, from approximately September to May, our girl members have the opportunity to be part of weekly activities and fun outings with friends in her own age group. Our units participate in a wide variety of activities ranging from outdoor scavenger hunts, community service projects like tree planting and shoreline cleanups, sleepovers at science centres, camping and more.

Guiding can even offer travel opportunities! Guiding is the largest girl and women's organization around the world, in 146 different countries. Our Pathfinders (ages 12-14) and Rangers (ages 15-17) have the opportunity to go on international service trips around the world, explore new interests in engineering or photography and get involved in leadership opportunities.

Is it really free to register a girl for Try Now, Join Later?

Yes – it's really free to register! Girls registered in the Try Now, Join Later program are invited to be "visitors" at our local unit meetings with girls their own age, in the months of April, May and June. As a parent, you pay no membership fee – we really want you to "try" us before you make a decision about membership!

However, it's important to know that this free trial does not give your daughter/ward all the benefits of full membership. For that reason, if units are engaging in activities they have fundraised money for throughout the year, or which carry an extra cost paid by our current girl member parents, the Try Now, Join Later girls may have to pay an extra fee to participate in these (or may not be able to participate in that activity or event). As well, girls visiting us through the Try Now, Join Later program are not eligible to earn Guiding badges, apply for Campership (fee subsidies for camping experiences) and other added benefits of full girl membership.

What will my daughter/ward get to do with the unit she visits?

The Girl Guide program allows for a lot of variety – that's one of the things that makes our program so special! Our adult leaders (also called "Guiders") are able to tailor their weekly unit meetings to their girls, within the structure of the Girl Guide program, so everyone is bound to have a good time. 
For that reason, we can't tell you exactly what your daughter/ward will be doing when she visits a unit this spring through Try Now, Join Later – but we do know she'll have fun and make new friends, while enjoying a wide range of activities designed to appeal to and enrich the skills, knowledge and confidence of girls her age.

How do I register my daughter/ward for Try Now, Join Later?

We're so glad you asked! To register a girl for Try Now, Join Later, please complete the following form:
Try Now Join Later Unit Selection

We will contact you once we have received your forms, regarding placing your daughter in a Guiding unit.

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