Challenges & Activities

In addition to core programming, Girl Guides have the opportunity to participate in challenges and activities according to their particular interests. The range of challenges and activities is vast: themes include science, the environment, arts, international issues and self-esteem. Upon completion of challenges, girls receive crests in recognition of their achievement. Take a look at the challenges that have been created by the Québec Program Advisers! 

All crest order forms are available on our provincial shop page.

Québec Maple Syrup Challenge

Maple syrup is a staple across the wonderful country that is Canada. ​Tap into one of our national icons, learning about its history, where it’s produced, what you can make with it and much more! 


 Québec Tech and Nature Challenge
  The province of Québec is known for its science and innovation. Companies such as Bombardier and Ubisoft have put us on the map. The Canadian Space Agency’s headquarters in St-Hubert provided equipment for astronauts to land on the moon and for robots to land on Mars. Our provincial parks provide grounds for all types of nature exploration. The challenge is set up to encourage you to visit one or more of the scientific institutions throughout Québec. However, we are aware that this isn’t always possible or ideal, so each museum or science centre has one or more related activities that you can use instead or to complement a visit. 

 Québec Spin Challenge
  The Québec Spin challenge is a new tool that girls and Guiders can use to bring a new dimension to their program, projects and activities. Get started with the Québec Spin Information Kit (.pdf) 

Girls, from Sparks to Rangers, with their Guiders, decide the goal and the level of commitment needed to devote to it – its success is defined by the girls! Invite others, learn new things, make a difference in your community, or make a change for the better in the environment. Document it so you are seen or heard and remembered for doing it! THAT’s the Québec Spin!

To complete your Québec Spin Challenge and order the central crest for your first challenge, or reward new twists on the Spin with additional segments, simply send in your Sharing – that Blog, article, or the video you created to: and place your crest order. Looking for a bit of SPIN-spiration? Be sure to check out the QC Spin stories on our blog. Read all about how other Guiding groups completed their spins!


 Québec Chocolate Challenge
  A classic Québec Challenge! To complete this challenge, all branches must do A or B and up to nine of the designated challenges. Sparks must complete three of the challenges, Brownies - five, Guides - seven, Pathfinders and Senior Branches - nine. 

 Québec, C'est la Fête!
  Québec is known around the world for joie de vivre - and we celebrate our love of life regularly! Look into some of the many festivals that take place all year round in the province. 

Festivals can be about music, dance, traditions, or local products when they come into season: ice fishing for les petits poissons des cheneaux (tommycod) in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pérade, blueberries in Lac St-Jean, and of course 'le temps des sucres' (sugaring off) in sugar shacks all over the province. St-Jean has hot air balloons, Brome Lake has its fair, and St-Tite has a big Western Festival, right down to a rodeo and cowboy hats!


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