PR & Membership Tools

Membership and Recruitment Event Tools
Post-Event PR Form to fill out after holding an event

 with information on planning, logistical tips and booth activities for an awesome event (1-pager).

Event Subsidy Form Your district may be eligible for the new GGC-QC event subsidy for a membership/PR event! Don't forget to fill out the Post-Event Report!

GGC-GdC - Québec Council Backgrounder (Girls) - General information (3 pages) - EN | FR

GGC-GdC - Québec Council Backgrounder (Women) - General information (4 pages) - EN | FR

*NEW* 'At a Glance' handouts (bilingual): French | Bilingual (2 sided) | English

Activity Sheet Handouts (bilingual) : Maze   | Word Search  | Spot the difference

Information Request Cards; – Helps you manage the follow-up to inquiries received at events. In French and English (eco-tip: print double-sided!).

Talking Points  – Unsure how to wow your audience? These recruitment pitches and fun facts will help make sure you put our best face forward.

Information Request Email List - Ask parents to leave you their email address with this form Unit Support Materials.

Appreciation Certificate - Bilingual certificate of appreciation to external organizations. 

Thinking Day Handout - This short bilingual letter explains the purpose of Thinking Day to parents and community members.

Welcome Back Postcard for Girls - To mail during the summer and get girls excited about returning. Email for the .pub file.

Parent Engagement Tools

Unit Support Cover Letter – It’s not always easy going about asking for help! This cover letter, which is meant to accompany the Unit Support Request Form, is all you need to get parents involved in your district and your unit.  In French and English.

Unit Support Request Form – EN | FR  – Today’s parent-volunteer could be tomorrow’s Guider! Getting parents involved in your district and your unit means more hands on deck!

PR Collateral (Promotional Materials)

Brand Centre - Many PR/recruitment items are available such as stickers, tattoos, posters, pamphlets, banners and bookmarks. Contact  pr.rp(at) to get some for your unit or district.

Advertising: Need a type of ad that you can't find on the National Brand Centre. Check out some more examples!

District PR Cheerleader Tools

Membership Blueprint to help you plan

Media Release Templates

Media Lists Logos & Graphic Elements (visit the GGC Brand Centre to learn more)

Speeches & Presentations

Branding Guidelines (i.e. Style Guide, Graphic Standards Overview, etc. - also available on Member Zone)

Sponsorship Request Materials Community Relations Template Letters (i.e. Schools, etc.)

Documents from National

A complete PR toolkit with materials, templates and instructions.

Press Releases

September 26, 2018 - Girl Guides Launch New Girl-Driven Program: Girls First
August 9, 2016 - Girl Guides Celebrate 90 Years of Camping at Wa-Thik-Ane

1 September 2015 - GGC-QC New Units Opening Downtown Media Release
21 May 2015 - GGC-QC Micro Libraries in Pincourt Media Advisory

Interested in becoming a District PR Adviser? Contact your District Commissioner or the   Québec Provincial PR Adviser today!

Don't forget to recognize the girls who have helped to grow your unit! Order I Added a Friend crests!
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