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The following instant meeting ideas have been provided to the guiders in Saskatchewan by eamil on a monthly basis.  New ones are added as they are sent to the guiders.  If you have ideas for an instant meeting, or have craft or games ideas that you would like to shar - please send them to our Provincial Program Adviser:

Instant Meetings

100 - 10 Minute Ideas

Pathfinder Start Your Meeting
Pathfinder Fashion Sense from head to toe
Pathfinder Lights,Camera,Action
Pathfinder Find Your Inner Leader!
Pathfinder Thinking Day
Pathfinder Secret Agent 007
Pathfinder Camp Planning

Pathfinder Be Glad you are You
Pathfinder Remembrance Day
Pathfinder Focus on Friendship
Pathfinder Ice Cream Sundae
Pathfinder Promise and Law

Promise and Law
Girl Guides International badge
Random Acts of Kindness
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