Provincial Program Adviser:

Who Are You and What Are You Doing?

Well, if you're in Guiding, no matter what you're doing, it's in your Program!

If you're looking for a new idea, an old, reliable resource, or help with where something fits into your program, 
you've come to the right place.


The Saskatchewan Program Committee has more to offer you than your regular Guiding program. 

We encourage additional programs and challenges, such as the Lady Baden Powell Weekend for 3rd year Guides, the PF/Ranger Conference, or any of the Provincial challenges listed below.  We are currently involved with the Twinning 2020 initiative, partnering with Manitoba and El Salvador.  This initiative continues the strong Girl Guide tradition of twinning with Member Organizations of WAGGGS from around the globe.  

Twinning 2020 - Amigas del Mundo:  Connect, Grow, Impact!
Heritage Challenge

The Saskatchewan Challenge

Duke of Edinburgh Award/Young Canadians Challenge

High School Special Project Credit (Revised 2009)

Yellow Fish Road!

Hug A Tree and Survive

Project WILD

Focus on Forests

Living by Water

For further information on any of the above programs please contact the Provincial Office.

Further Resources


The Manitoba Program Committee put together this wonderful tool listing how all the girls programs interface. A must have for anyone with a Guiding Unit!

  • Guiding Unit Planner PDF

An excellent resource for Guiders to use when starting up the Guiding year! Thanks to BC Membership for sharing this useful tool.

  • Welcome booklet PDF

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