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Girls First is GGC's new program. It will be launched and accessible to the entire field for the 2018/2019 Guiding year.

Girls First will be:

  • Girl-driven –  we're putting girls' interests front and centre and inviting every girl to be actively involved in her Guiding experience
  • Supportive – we're ready to support Guiders with the resources they need to be effective facilitators as they help girls navigate their Guiding experience
  • Flexible and responsive – we're making sure Guiding remains relevant and ready to respond to Girls' changing needs and interests

New! Girls First Program Guide


The new Girls First Program Guide is ready for girls and Guiders to explore. The guide will support you in preparing for the new program launch, with details on program areas and themes, how to earn badges, and the types of activities available. Our new program equivalencies resources will also simplify your transition to the new program. Easy-to-use charts will help you map out what you've achieved in the old program and see where it fits with the new Girls First program.

Program Resources

Colour Version

Print friendly version (black and white)

Note: French versions will be available soon

Awards Resources

While the current girl awards are not changing, we’ve updated the award requirements to reflect the new Girls First program. The following resources will help girls and Guiders learn more about the requirements for the awards available to Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers. These documents will be excellent resources for anyone who is just starting out to earn an award.

Note: French versions will be  available soon

Awards Equivalencies

This second set of resources will help you support girls in transitioning any current award work they’ve completed to the updated Girls First requirements. Please also refer to the Guide to the Girl Program and relevant current program books, when mapping out your transition plan to the new awards.  Remember, no work should ever be lost, so use your best judgement to determine what work has been completed and assess what still needs to be done.

Note: French versions will be  available soon

Looking for more?

  • Need to find an answer quickly? Check out our FAQ tab.
  • Have a question or comment? Email us at
  • Wondering about when to transition to the new program? It's totally flexible and up to your unit to decide what works for you. Check out all the options for making the transition. 
  • Check out the new Program Areas and Themes here.

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Season by Season

Fall 2017

  • Visits to every region to consult with Girls, Guiders and senior volunteers
  • Recruiting test units as well as Girls First Champions to help support Guider education and delivery
  • Refining our program requirements and building content with the help of units across the country

Winter 2018

  • Deep into technology development to build a web platform that works for all
  • Hundreds of test units pressure testing program model, technology, content and other items
  • Preparing Guider education support materials

Spring 2018

  • Executing on Guider education and delivery both in person and online
  • Technology testing in the field with a large variety of users
  • Finalizing and delivering transition plan for Guiders on items such as equivalencies
  • Trainers provided with program information to support TEAM and adult enrichment trainings

Summer 2018

  • Finalizing technology and testing
  • Preparing and launching necessary Guider education resources (in-person and online)
  • Launching technology, training and program content to Guiders and Girls for September 2018!

Share your favourites!

The Girls First team is hard at work developing fresh program content for all branches, and we want to know – what's your favourite activity? Is there something your unit has done that you think other units would love too? It can be anything – a game, a project, an experiment or a craft. It can be an indoor activity, an outdoor activity, or a camping activity. And it can be on any topic!

Submit your favourite activities here and we'll add them to the growing list of creative content that is shaping the new program.

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